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Mar 24, 2014 02:39 PM

Chop't' - Old G'town Rd, Bethesda (Wildwood Shopping Center)

Yes, I know this is a chain. I am posting here because it is the only one I've been too and I have no idea how it compares to other locations. I'm guessing it is probably the same - a whole lotta tasteless salad. So the place was slammed and the kids behind the counter didn't even break a sweat. They really kept the line moving. Kudos to them. I didn't notice anyone ordering custom - everyone seemed happy to order one of the many salads on the menu. Maybe if a lot of people order custom, the line would be slower, but I'm betting those kids could keep it together.

But the salads. Huge. Got bored and gave up half-way through. I didn't see an option for ordering a half salad. And no flavor at all, even though I ordered the Canyon Road Cobb which has ancho chile chicken, jalapeno, and I ordered a lime vinaigrette. The flatbread was really lousy - flavorless and flabby. And just over $10 with tax.

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  1. If I may offer a contrary perspective, as someone who is a satisfied, card-carrying Chopt Salad frequent customer.

    First, the salads I get aren’t tasteless. My “go-to” is a custom spinach, romaine, cherry tomatoes, onions, corn, jalapenos, avocado, and whatever their tex-mex-ish spiced chicken of the month is with (light) Mexican ceasar dressing. If I get a standard salad it’s usually the harvest cobb with spinach, romaine, beets, apples, walnuts, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar or vinaigrette. I don’t understand how one could consider a mix of those ingredients bland.

    Second, I like the chopped aspect of it, especially since I’m usually eating at my desk I don’t have to deal with large pieces of lettuce and dressing flying all over the place. That’s my preference.

    Third, customer service is great. They’ll customize however I want and are very nice and accommodating.

    Fourth, their “bread” is awful, which is great, I don’t need those calories.

    I do appreciate your perspective, I just have a very different one! And I've been to several locations (though not that one) and there's no difference at all that I can tell.

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    1. re: KeithW

      Funny, I had lunch from Chop't for the first time yesterday (16th & L). I like sweetgreen better, but I enjoyed my Mexican Caesar from Chop't, and jalapeño = not tasteless for me. The spa Caesar dressing had some flavor, too.

      I agree on the non-messy aspect - love that! Also agree that those kids behind the counter are something - it was ridiculously packed, but I was in & out in no time.

      Nothing earth-shattering, but another lunch option for me.

      1. re: KeithW

        I did like the fact that the salad was chopped. It was much easier to eat.

        But the only reason I would ever return is the relative healthiness of the lunch compared to other places I might go for lunch. If they had a half-size option, I would be more likely to return.

      2. It's salad done the Subway style.

        Sandwiches, salads, burritos, pizzas ... it's the new wave in fast food. Build-your-own [insert food product].

        1. I will also disagree with the tasteless aspect of your post. I usually order one of the salads with a spicy dressing, and some of them really provide a nice blast of heat.

          And the salads, being huge, are filling.

          I don't always spend ten bucks on lunch, but when I do it's usually at Chop't. Stay hungry, my friends.

          1. That Chop't is near my office. I've only been there a few times right when they opened last year, but I liked them--fast, friendly, and the food was good, too. I don't tend to go out much at lunch (due to parking and bringing my own), so I haven't been back. If they were side by side, I think I'd pick Sweetgreen, but that might be b/c I end up there more and now have favorites.