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Mar 24, 2014 02:30 PM

Best most authentic Korean in NW suburbs?

I am just starting to explore Korean food and am wondering if anyone has favorite restaurants to recommend. Thanks!

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  1. Ttowa in Arlington Heights is a terrific Asian place that focuses on Korean.

    1. the food court at assi (and at Hmart) has good chinese-korean food, like jjambong and jajangmyung.

      word of caution - avoid the "hand-made" mandoo at assi though, inside the market... looks like it might be decent, but its awful.

      cho sun ok in north center is probably the best korean bbq, which isnt too much of a drive from the suburbs, as is san soo gab san.

      1. Cho Jung on Harlem just south of Glenview Road. is really good. Just ate there this evening. Nice banchan and some very tasty spicy octopus as well as an excellent (and huge) seafood and scallion pancake.