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Best delivery pizza around Cambridge?

I've lived in Central Sq for several years and I've tried a lot of different pizzas in the vicinity-- I confess that my luck has been mostly bad. I've had the sort of pizza luck that I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even on the guys making all the bad pizza around here.

I like Beauty's "Italian style" pizza, but it's a little expensive for delivery, and Bravo Pizza is pretty good, but I could really use some recommendations. Yelp has been very unhelpful here: when it comes to pizza delivery places, half the reviews just complain about delivery times or about the employees who were allegedly rude to them on the telephone. I don't care about either of these things. I just want to know whose pizza tastes the best. If Santarpio's delivered to me, for example, I'd gladly place my order 5 hours ahead and they could call me Swine McLoser on the phone for all I care. (Not that they'd do such a thing unprovoked.)

All recommendations will be warmly appreciated. New York style pizza is preferred, presence on Foodler is a plus. Thank you in advance, comrades!

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  1. Armando's? They appear to have started delivering recently. This thread is a bit dated but might help you:


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      Agree, the OP should definitely check out Armando's. They serve my favorite pizza in Cambridge. It's pretty darn close to NY pizza. Love the thin but not too thin crust. Just the right amount of sauce. Yum.

    2. We like Pizza Pie-er. No Foodler, but they have a great website.

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      1. We've enjoyed some excellent pies delivered from Just Crust lately. It's more of an ultra thin crust, but very tasty.

        Armando's is worth a shot as well. Unfortunately the Harvard Square Otto does not currently deliver.

        1. Like you the bf and i are big Santarpios fans and prefer NYC style pizza. For the basic pepperoni pizza we get delivery from Cinderellas. Quick, cheap, and consistent. Not the best, but not the worst. For fancier toppings we do Beauty's. the convenience of ordering online helps and because the BF orders from them for lunch our " discount" does increase.

          1. I'm glad for these leads; I hope there will be more to come!

            I just called Armando's-- despair! They said my street in Central was too far out of their delivery range. This is terrible news, since they seem to be much loved on the other thread too.

            Pizza Pie-er seems promising, but I've avoided it on Foodler due to the $15 delivery minimum + $2.50 delivery fee-- with the tip on top of it, that's just a little too much for me for Pizza Night.

            The pics on the Just Crust website look fantastic, but given the thinness of the crust I think I'd need the 18", and there again the price creeps to around $20 with the tip.

            I like Cinderella's, but I wonder if there's a better option out there for the same price...

            in short, I wish I could find a truly great NY-style in the $9-$11 range...!

            1. Ecco Pizzeria in Allston delivers to Central Square.

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                based on our 1 visit, i do not rec this Ecco pizza. we had high expectations due to some CH raves, but were totally 'meh' about it.

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                  Quite a few others on this board have been very happy with Ecco Pizzeria, however:

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                    I would think it would be better eaten there. I had it delivered, and the crust arrived a bit soggy.

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                      Fair enough. To be honest, in spite of the fact that pizza is such a canonical delivery item, I feel that way about pretty much all pizza!

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                        I find that there is pizza which is meant to be eaten delivered and pizza which ain't. One would do well to not cross those streams.

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                    Ecco isn't bad, but it isn't all that either, and I find it MUCH more expensive than similar pies from other pizzerias.

                2. Oggi's? I think they deliver. I am not too much of a pizza person though so have not tried it, but my co-worker loves their pizza. It's in Harvard Square so they should be fine with delivering to you.

                  1. Not an answer to your question--which is "best"-- b/c I'd probably say Just Crust and it seems too $$ for your purposes? But Dial-A-Pizza is def better than Cinderella's, similar price point.

                    They just changed ownership--the new owners are very nice & also seem to be taking great care with what they make. I've only had it once since the transition, but everyone at dinner was kind of astonished it was DAP.

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                      Really! Well that's good news. I havent' had Dial a Pizza in decades. Have to give them a try.

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                        I used to love DAP in the early aughts, but they changed for the worse (ownership change?) somewhere in the '04-'06 range to the extent that I completely abandoned them. I'll give it another try the next time I'm ordering.

                        For the OP - I lived in central square for many years (until ~2 years ago) and often ahd the same conundrum. I eventually gave up seeking a superior pizza via delivery and just accepted that at best I'd get an ok pizza via delivery :) It was often mood based as IMO the local options weren't necessarily superior/inferior to each other, just different - so things like cinderellas, beautys, etc).

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                          I dialed a pizza tonight and am eating the new and improved DAP right now-- thanks for the tip!! It really is much-improved over their previous efforts (though they were always a little better than anyone would expect of a place called "Dial-a-Pizza"). It's not in the Regina's/Santarpio's ballpark, obviously, but it's definitely better than most Cambridge-area options in the same price range. (Under their previous ownership I'd have put them closer to the middle of the pack.) I had let them fall by the wayside before, but on the basis of this pizza in front of me I'd definitely order from them again.

                        2. Armando's might be delivering now because people aren't coming in to order anymore. A gradual slide in quality over the last several years and a fully degraded Sicilian slice, a slice, mind you, that at one time was pretty damn good, has taken this spot off the list...

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                            I had my first Armando's cheese slices a couple of months ago and was happy. I like NYC-style, and after the original Regina's, Armando's is my favorite Boston pizza.

                          2. Italian friends used to swear by Basta Pasta, and (at least from online data) it seems they do deliver.

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                              I've only had it as take out ( a couple years ago?). It was good. Better than Cinderella's and Beauty's. I didn't know that they deliver.

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                                Looks like Foodler does deliveries from there. Not cheap though:

                                Restaurant Delivery Fee: $5.99 in 02134, 02139, and 02141-02145.
                                Restaurant Delivery Fee: $6.99 in 02134 and 02215.
                                Delivery minimum: $15 in 02134, 02139, and 02141-02145.
                                Delivery minimum: $25 in 02134 and 02215.

                                Also that information conflicts with itself!

                                1. re: smtucker

                                  That looks like it's a delivery service (mixmenu, diningin, etc) and not the resto itself delivering. Usually when you see those high fees that's the case.

                                  1. re: jgg13

                                    Yes. That is foodler, not the restaurant.

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                                      Foodler doesn't actually deliver anything. They're purely a front end to either the resto itself or other delivery services.

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                                        Oh.... well, I have never had food delivered. I know, bizarre. My only foodler experience was through a very well-off, brilliant [and young] software developer I worked with who tweeted one night "Foodler is down. How can I get some food?" He had never used his kitchen. Not once.

                                        Thanks for the clarification.

                              2. re: femmevox

                                I hadn't considered this place for pizza, but I'm glad you mentioned it-- the Yelp reviews are almost all highly-detailed raves, so I'll have to give them a shot (only to dine-in, though, given smtucker's discovery about their steep delivery charges). Good prices, especially considering all the positive "press"...