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Mar 24, 2014 01:50 PM

Serious Eats on Stinky Cheeses!

Make sure you read the comments to get names of other stinky cheeses. Were any of your favorites left off?

I love Vacherin Mont D'or!


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  1. Disclaimer. The brick cheese you get in the grocery store is nothing like the brick you get from Widmer. Located off US Hwy 41 between Fond du Lac and Milwaukee, it is worth the drive. Just get there before noon for fresh cheese curds.

    1. Franklin's Washed Rind Teleme
      Super Stinky with a soft creamy Pate, Grassy and Lemony


      1. I love bierkase, and can get it in KC thanks to our local germanic grocer Werner's - hilariously, the deli staff ALWAYS questions whether or not I really want it, and wincingly chops my hunk off the block, trying not to get too close.

        I also love French munster. I like American muenster too, but it's so mild now, and has none of that good bacteria flavor - usually. Occasionally I get some that has the flavor I remember from eating it in Chicago as a kid in the early 70s, and I rush back to the grocery and buy several bricks of that batch to keep in the back of the fridge. I like Brick, too, the smelly sort.

        1. Eating a Vacherin mMont d'Or while typing, messy as hell but sure not stinky.
          On a 1-10 scale Vacherin comes in at a 3 maybe, texture perfect but not strong at all IMVHO.