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Mar 24, 2014 12:59 PM

Better to cut a London Broil into two pieces and freeze half, or cook the whole thing and have leftovers?

So I bought a shoulder cut London Broil yesterday, and am planning on making it tonight (probably will grill it and top with a compound butter). The London Broil is a little over 2 lbs, and this would be for just my wife and I. So my debate is whether I should just cook the whole thing and deal with leftovers (any suggestions for leftovers?), or whether I should cut it in two, cook half tonight and freeze the other half. If I cut the steak, will I end up with a tough steak because juices will escape from the cut end?


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  1. I like to cut mine in half and freeze half because when I make the whole thing and reheat the left over portion, it just ends up too well done for my taste.

    They are so easy to cook, it doesn't really take any longer to cook than to reheat.


    1. sliced thin London Broil makes very excellent cold sandwiches (or you could be like me and just eat them with your hands before the sandwiches ever happen)

      It does not reheat nicely at all though.

      1. If one pound of meat seems like a good serving size for you and your wife, I would go ahead and cut it in two and freeze the other half. For my family of four (two adults, two preschool/toddlers) we will make a London Broil of about 1.7 pounds, and that makes enough for one steak dinner, one meal of repurposed leftovers, and sometimes a little extra. So to me, 2 pounds of meat sounds like a lot for 2 people to eat.

        So far my best use for leftovers has been in quesadillas and fried rice. I'd also like to try it in a salad (either with shallots and blue cheese or a Thai style salad) . Search for leftover steak, there are a few good threads with helpful ideas.

        1. Depends on when you plan to eat the second portion. If it's in 3-5 days, make it all at once. I generally would do the first serving hot and the subsequent serving(s) as sandwich - cold. LB tends to tighten up when reheated.

          1. I'd cut and freeze. Like others have said, London Broil doesn't reheat all that well. Unless you want to use it in sandwiches or a salad or something, it's better to minimize leftovers. Also, you don't have to worry about juices escaping as long as you're cutting it raw. Think of it this way: the steak has already been cut off of a much larger roast, with the two largest surfaces being the cut sides. It doesn't hurt anything to cut it again.