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Mar 24, 2014 11:50 AM

Scopa Italian Roots, Venice -- Anyone Been?

Going Wednesday eve with my brother and my nieces. What have you had there that stood out? Stick with the starters and pastas or indulge in a meat dish to share? Any favorite desserts?

Don't bother suggesting an alternative -- I didn't make the reservation and am a guest.

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  1. I have only had pastas, crudo and starters but the food is generally quite good. The meatballs in the sub were very tasty, the "rice ball" was excellent, the seafood appetizers (which change frequently) are also worth trying. Among the pastas, the rigatoni with oxtail and the paperdelle with pork shank are the ones I liked best. The crudo has been more hit and miss to my taste. Note that the place gets noisy and crowded and the decor is an afterthought. There is a parking lot with valet but usually one can find street parking along that stretch of Washington.

    1. I've only been for small plates and drinks. The Seafood Salad and (especially) the Sunchokes were good. The drinks were excellent, and my bartender (Megan, maybe) was wonderful and introduced me to Charbay, a hop-flavored whiskey.

      1. Nosh, did you go? How was it (if you did make it there)?

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