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Mar 24, 2014 11:20 AM

Mission Mexican Restaurant Opening in Dupont

No need to drive out to a gas station in Elkridge, Md., or a strip mall in Perry Hall, Md., to sample the sought-after tacos from R&R Taqueria. The taco shop's chef and owner Rodrigo Albarran will oversee the menu at Dupont Circle's new Mexican restaurant, Mission, which officially opens tomorrow.

"I was ready to make another move," Albarran says. "I want to get my name out differently so people will know all the things I'm capable of doing."

The restaurant is owned by Reed Landry and Fritz Brogan, who also operate George and Mason Inn in Georgetown. Landry was at a dinner party when a friend told him he had to try R&R. When he and Brogan finally did, "it was just too good to be true," Brogan says. "And so we started talking to him."

Like Albarran, the owners are also trying to expand their repertoire with Mission. "Reed and I have really wanted to move away from doing the heavy-volume alcohol and doing more food. We thought that Mexican food comes hand and hand because when people eat Mexican food they have some margaritas, they have some tequila," Brogan says. The bar at Mission serves nearly 50 types of tequilas and mezcals, several margaritas and cocktails, and eight beers on tap, including a few Mexican varieties, Atlas Brew Works' District Commons, and Shiner.

Menu looks good hopefully it keeps the R&R flavor profiles

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  1. The menu has been 'cleaned up' from R&R. No lengua, buche, tripa, suadero, al pastor, conchinita pibil, alambres, pambazo, etc.

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    1. re: Steve

      Americanized? Or maybe Dupontized?

      Looks kind of expensive. I trust the gas station tacos are considerably cheaper. Two bucks extra for cheese and sound cream? Yikes!

    2. The menu looks very good. I'm interested in trying this place since I've been less than thrilled with some of hte Mexican options in trendy atmosphere restaurants in DC.

      Coming in to town in 2 weeks and having dinner with friends---considering this as an option.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Try El Chucho. I just went back this last weekend, and the tacos are darn good. Had the pastor and carne asada, really excellent tortillas and meat.

      2. I'm checking out Mission tonight with some friends. Any recs?

        1. I tried this place a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. Lovely outdoor seating, servings are huge and it's a really good value.

          I tried the taco sampler (1 each pork, chicken, beef IIRC), which is served with rice and beans, plus free chips and salsa. The tacos are gigantic, served in double-corn tortillas which were notably good. 3 salsas served alongside were interesting and tasty.

          Solid quality; I would rank the meats at the same general level of Chucho and Super Tacos. My friend ordered one of the few vegetarian options, which had a potato-based taco filling. This was kind of bland and I wouldn't recommend it.

          Service was slow and disorganized, but I would definitely come back for the high value. One dish could definitely be shared by two people.

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          1. re: hamster

            I realize I never replied after finally going a few months ago. I was really happy with my fish tacos. I thought they were very, very good. Our waiter did fairly well considering we were a loud, boisterous group that kept on ordering margaritas. A few of my friends ordered some items other than the tacos (I think the enchiladas) and they weren't as thrilled with their meal.....truth be told they asked for the waiters recs and then ordered something different.

            The margaritas could have been stronger but as far as fish tacos go these were mighty good.