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Mar 24, 2014 10:14 AM

Lunch midway between Cleveland and Washington DC

Can anyone recommend a spot for lunch between Cleveland and Washington DC? Traveling mid-week. Assuming we'll take the PA turnpike and I-70, but wouldn't mind a little detour if worth it. Have stopped at the Summit Diner several times in the past, and looking for someplace new. No specific type of food in mind, but someplace with a vegetarian option preferable.


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  1. The Summit is one of my favorites!

    A good vegetarian option close to the turnpike is Udipi Cafe, which is just a minute off of the Monroeville exit. It is Indian, and very good. Although I haven't experienced it, I've heard complaints about the service though.

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      Thanks Burghfeeder. Udipi looks yummy. I'm thinking we may want to get a bit further east before stopping, but will certainly keep this in mind.

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        That's the problem with that drive. There's just not much to offer once you go past the Pittsburgh area. There is a good place in Bedford called the Jean Bonnet Tavern, although I'm not sure if they have much in the way of vegetarian options.

      1. Both Jean Bonnet Tavern and Out of the Fire look like perfect suggestions. Thank you!

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          Please report back...I've never been to Out of the Fire, but it looks fantastic.

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            Out of the Fire is good for burgers (and bananas foster). Loved the soup there.

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              Ended up at Jean Bonnet Tavern and enjoyed it very much. It was perfect for us time wise, and my husband and I were both pleased with our food, vegetarian and non-veg. Service was friendly and efficient. Thanks again for the suggestions.