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Mar 24, 2014 10:03 AM

ISO Long Island Oysters on Long Island

Looking for Long Island Oysters (Blue Point?) served on Long Island.
I got a request to head out and eat some oysters on the half shell that are local. Any good suggestions?
Anywhere on Long Island is fine, but would rather stick a little closer to Nassau and western Suffolk. Thanks!

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  1. Louie's in Port Washington is what comes to mind but I don't know if they always have LI Oysters on hand. Probably best to call first, if that's the goal.

    1. Most restaurants on the North Fork carry Blue point and local North Fork oysters.
      I did have a dozen at the Grand Central Oyster Bar Saturday.

      1. Better hurry, the season's almost over! This is when they are best.

        There is a place in West Sayville (next door to Blue Point) that had fantastic oysters. Kingstons. Haven't been there in awhile but they were an old timey kind of bar and grill on the water, and oysters were a specialty.

        Oops just checked they reopen April 18 (Good Friday). You'll probably find that with a lot of the oceanfront places, now that I think of it.

        Another place that is top of the line, and has a tiki type area to eat your take out in season, is White Cap Fish Market. It is located in a marina off Montauk Hwy, they are one of the best for everything seafood.

        1. haven't been there since i moved out of Oyster Bay 4+ years ago. But Canterbury's usually had both Blue Points and Pine Island(actually pulled Oyster Bay)