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Mar 24, 2014 09:53 AM

Best restaurant in Park City? [moved from Los Angeles board]

Forgive me for posting this on the LA board but I figure I'm not the only Angeleno headed to Park City for a few days. I've eaten at Talisker on Main and LOVE IT... so I'll be going back again. But I've got one more dinner and I'm wondering where to eat it. I've been to Zoom and was not impressed. Any thoughts? I am traveling and dining with my 8 year-old son so pubs are out....

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  1. I've heard excellent things about Silver but haven't eaten there yet.

    If I could pick any place on Main Street to eat it would be Grappa but reviews on it are always very mixed.

    My less expensive, more casual choice is always Vinto.

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      Check out this review on Silver by Kelli, a local foodie - she knows her stuff: