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Bridal shower - High Tea or Brunch locations (Montreal)

My bridal party is in the midst of organizing my bridal shower (yes I'm involved in that too even though my mom says I'm not?) and we are looking to either do it as a high tea or a brunch event. Does anyone have any recommendations for any restaurants that could do groups?

I was looking at either tea at Gryphon d'Or, or doing brunch at Le Cartet but I know Le Cartet is pretty loud unless you reserve the whole space (and I have a feeling we might not be THAT many...)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cardinal Tea Room - it is beautiful inside. Their quiche is great. I imagine they could accomodate a larger group - there are two floors. I have been there on slow and busy times, it is comfortable, not too loud. They are not open every day, though.

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        On top of Sparrow on St. Laurent
        Fab room and chandelier!

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          Thank you and would like to give it a try.

      1. How about La Maison Christian Faure? It is a beautiful patisserie in old Montreal. The room is very feminine and not too big. They also run a pastry school so they might be able to accommodate you in a private room. I knew and expected their pastries and ice cream to be very good but was equally impressed with their quiches and salads.

        1. Although their scones are to die for, Gryphon is not very pretty, with an open kitchen and furniture that's seen better days. Also a bit small and cramped if you're more than 8-10.

          1. Birks Cafe is lovely, though I'm not sure how many people they can accommodate.


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              I would second Birks, and perhaps also recommend the Ritz. I suspect the latter has lost some of the traditional splendour since their renovations, but they must still do a good job. As far as Afternoon Tea prices go, the Ritz is actually relatively affordable at $45 and $32 with and without champagne, respectively.
              Also consider the Fairmont QE.

            2. Besides Chandelier which has already been mentioned, I've heard good things about Sofitel.

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                I think Chandelier was referring to the light-fixture at Cardinal, and not the restaurant. Was this the one on de Maisonneuve? I thought it had closed?

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                  Chandelier on Maisoneuve closed a year ago or so. And they never were a tea place

              2. The St. James Hotel has tea service on the menu. I have not tried it.

                1. Hi Im actually planning a bridal shower as well... for about 35-40 people and the bride wants a tea party theme.

                  If you find a venue please keep this thread upated! it would be much appreciated.

                  Right now Im thinking of renting a small hall and getting a caterer + renting tea sets , d├ęcor etc.

                  1. I would definitely consider brunch or afternoon tea at Le Montrealais (Queen E Hotel) for a combo of formality, quality and price/quantity ratio - they even have a maple theme in April on select days. Birks cafe seems very exquisite, but overly-refined if you have a group with a diverse set of palates and appetites, as the menu is fixed. Le Cardinal could be interesting, but lacks in formality I think. Again, it would depend on your group.