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Mar 24, 2014 08:55 AM

Packing food at house parties

I have a cousin who starts to pack food the moment she sits down at a table to eat at my house. She'd say, oh, this tastes great, can I get some containers to pack this and that too? I can eat these later for dinner tonight..oh, I can pack this for my son. I don't have a problem sharing food with people if there is any leftovers(though it makes my husband a bit sad..haha) but asking for containers the moment she tastes food at the table seems a bit rude and annoying.
Anyone else have a problem like this?
Not venting or anything...or asking for advices. Just asking if there are other people who do this.

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  1. "Well, Jane, let's see if there are any leftovers."
    "Well, Jane, Charley was going to have that in his lunch tomorrow."
    "Well, Jane, we just sat down to eat. Let's just enjoy the meal."
    "Sorry, Jane, I've already claimed the leftovers for that one."
    "So sorry, all my containers are in use. In fact, I think you have some."
    "I have plans for that."

    Or you could just serve her in containers.

    Sorry to sound snide. I do wonder if she's aware she does this. Is she, uh, frugal otherwise? Does she do it in other people's homes? How often does this happen? Is she at your house once a week? Twice a year?

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    1. re: lemons

      "So sorry, all my containers are in use. In fact, I think you have some."

      Love it.

      1. re: lemons

        "Or you could just serve her in containers. "


        1. re: JTPhilly

          LOL and tell her, if you don't finish, well, there's your leftovers to bring home.

        2. re: lemons

          She is a multiple millionaire and very frugal. She has a large bag of grocery coupons she carries around everywhere and she picks up a penny on the street...a lot of things that I actually do admire but then she'd go to Costco and buy $500 of food she doesn't need and would buy $4,000 bag just like that.
          She was at my house over the weekend..she sat down, tasted the farro salad and immediately asked for a container. We had a first bbq and while she was eating it, she asked me to pack her some bbq meats for her son.

          1. re: Monica

            Wow. I would honestly use any of the first four responses from lemons. Although I do love the fifth one. :-)

            1. re: Monica

              Maybe start charging her by the oz or something? Set yourself up like a deli counter!

              1. re: Monica

                Monica, you said "We had a first bbq and while she was eating it, she asked me to pack her some bbq meats for her son."

                Did you do as she asked?

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  haha, i just gave her a piece of foil so she could help herself. Not sure how much of food she packed as I was busy.

                2. re: Monica

                  Now you know why she's wealthy!!! She's mooched meals off of people unabashedly (for years i suspect) to avoid paying for food!!

                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                    Sounds like the millionaire serving catfood instead of tuna fish. Can we say extreme cheapskates?

              2. That's tacky, she should wait until the table is cleared.

                At family holidays there are complaints that the relatives who contributed the least to the meal pack up all the "good stuff" for their own and leave the host (my folks) with nothing. The annoyance is mostly on principle because my folks don't really eat leftovers and I always get the stuff the greedy cousins overlook - carcasses, bones, gizzards, hunks of cheese, leftover antipasti - I am not sorry to see the turkey breast and cheesecake etc go to others kitchens LOL. But even my most shameless relations wait until the food is off the table before they portion it out.

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                1. Sure, most families have at least one of "those". I have an acquaintance in my choral group who does this to the extreme. She is so clueless about social norms that I have decided that she is mildly autistic. She is nice, just....clueless. In the middle of cleaning up from a big potluck she suddenly is asking me for foil so she can pack up somethingorother - me with a huge bag of trash I'm about to take outside. Deep breath. Serenity now.

                  1. I have seen this at work functions. Never at a family function--my family (both blood relatives and inlaws) would call out behavior that was that rude.

                    1. Just say no! Or alternatively:

                      Don't put everything out, just enough for one serving each. Put the rest way back in the fridge to hide it. Then if she wants to take it home, she can have whatever her portion is, and no more.