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Mar 24, 2014 08:48 AM

3 days in DeSoto

We are gonna be in DeSoto for an exhausting weekend of BMX racing April 4-6.

We'll need a few lunches/dinners. We'll have a car but probably won't want to drive far.

My daughter and I are sneaking off to Trader Joes and possibly the Galleria. So we might do lunch around there Saturday in Dallas.

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  1. Probably should post on the Dallas board.

      1. I guess people in DeSoto must be eating something? I've never been there either. My assumption would be that there would be some mom & pop soul food places?

        Near the Galleria, Canary by Gorji is good. I had the pomegranate beef tips there recently, and they were lovely. Don't think I've ever had anything I didn't like.

        PS Checked out the link below ... it really says something when El Chico is the top-rated restaurant in town.

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          My friend who was there last year said they ate Cracker Barrel every night. Umm no thanks. I think there is an In n Out nearby.

          How is Thai Thai in Dallas?

          1. re: Becca Porter

            I'm with you on Cracker Barrel. A little too retro for me.

            Haven't been ... I like Chow Thai, or for more of a hole in the wall, Coconut Thai Grill.

            1. re: Becca Porter

              I haven't been to Thai Thai but I've been to Tie Thai in Fort Worth (same owners). It's solid. Personally, I find that they're a little heavy handed with the fish sauce but I love that they're willing to make things truly spicy. Mediocre peanut sauce. Boring but always fresh, tasty, vegetables. Mango sticky rice is always a hit.

          2. If you are in Desoto, you have many Mexican restaurants, and some of the chain restaurants. On I-35 there are a couple of Mexican restaurants near the Kroger shopping center. There is also Outback, Dickey's and Chubby's (breakfast and lunch). There is also Waffle House, I Hop, Logan's, Benevides! If you are going down Belt Line Rd, there are Chinese restaurants in the Ace Hardware shopping center, Marilyn's (Pleasant Run), and a bunch of Chinese buffets, Luby's, and mom and pop restaurants near the Clarion Hotel. There is an Italian Restaurant run by some nice folk on Pleasant Run across from Thom Thumb Supermarket! And, don't follow these other folk, who have never been there. We have our share of millionaires and ranches too! (LOL) Good luck! Hope you enjoy yourselves!

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