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Mar 24, 2014 08:46 AM

Mojitos has closed.

Some friends just returned from N.O. and mentioned that Mojitos had closed.
On one hand, I'm not surprised, since the food has always been 'not so great'. It never came CLOSE to being anywhere near as good as when it was Marisol's.
Now, it is apparently Ms. Jean's Burgers and Beignets and even worse.
What a shame. It's such a great property, it deserves a good restaurant again!

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  1. interesting. we didnt frequent it often but did have some good dishes when we were there last.

    i know the tiled interior doesnt sit well w/ me, we always pick outside. but outside there was often a loud band, as they try to pick up Frenchmen Street patrons. maybe they dont want to eat so much? difficult spot to park near, so destination diners arent going to hit it very often either..