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Mar 24, 2014 08:29 AM

Dinner in St Emilion, Lunch in Bergerac

We'll overnight in St E and would love to have your reccos for dinner. Any thoughts on La Tertre? Seafood might be nice before 2 wks in ducky Dordogne. Also need a fairly quick lunch in Bergerac enroute to our rental house. "Quick" because we'll want to hit a supermarket there for provisions and visit the Maison du Vins for tasting. L'Imparfait's website seems to show only a dinner menu. Any thoughts on a good but time efficient lunch place?

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  1. Wow, I figured there would be some reccos on this. Nothing from you folks? Maybe a little secret or two?

    1. Well, since no one else has replied, I'll give it a go even if I'm only lightly familiar with the area.

      Saint-Emilion is a white tablecloth sort of town so my favourite is somewhat of an incongruity there... L'Envers du Décor on the rue du Clocher... food is more than decent, some fish on the menu, delightful terrace/ courtyard for al fresco dining when the weather is good, very warm and friendly buzz. I've only been to Le Tertre once and found it to be ok but nothing-- except the Bordelaise style lamprey-- really sticks in the memory.

      Although it doesn't easily fit into your schedule, I gotta put in a plug for the Auberge Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-de-Blaignac ... lovely husband and wife resto that just got its first Michelin star... quick 2-course a small village on the Dordogne river on your way (sort of) from Saint-Emilion to Bergerac... but not more than a 20-minute drive from Saint-Emilion and then another hour to Bergerac which may not suit you.

      In Bergerac itself, I'Imparfait does do lunch. On my last visit a year ago, a local caviste recommended La Table du Marché which turned out to be quite adequate and, I noticed, also recommended by Gault&Millau. But the real surprise was La Villa Laetitia which on first sight I assumed to be an old ladies salon de thé and touristy (which it was) but proved to be quite delightful despite the very predictable menu and certainly fine for a quick lunch.

      1. You are already thick in ducky kingdom. 2 meals a day are 2 overdoses.
        I would have just picnic lunch, then dinner.
        I find St Emilion to be one of these pretty but sur-faits places.
        I like the no less beautiful Sauveterre de Guyenne, not far aay, and dinner in a ferme-auberge about 15-minute drive away, Le ferme Gauvry in Rimons.

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        1. re: Parigi

          Thanks to you both! As far as two big meals is concerned, we'd be looking for dinner on Friday, lunch on Sat, followed by picnic type dinner Saturday. We'll look into St E options.

        2. Here's where we stand for these few days. Arrival day in Bordeaux: dinner at Bistrot Gabriel.
          Next day, enroute to St Emilion: lunch at Belles Perdrix/Troplong Mondot with casual dinner at L'Envers du Decor.
          Next day (Friday) hit marche in Bergerac with lunch at Table du Marche. Then onward to house in Envaux.
          I'd love to enjoy another ferme-auberge, but this choice seems a good rhythm. Anyone spot a problem?

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          1. We'll be nearby for three days end of May beginning of June , have some plans, but would appreciate as much expert intell as possible.