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Mar 24, 2014 08:21 AM

AYCE Korean Recs?

The two of us are visiting NY and staying in Manhattan. I'd like to bring her to a Korean restaurant but prefer AYCE, but on yelp, I couldn't find anything that shows the restaurants that are truly AYCE, and here, some of the discussions are from years ago.

Would you please list the AYCE in the Koreatown area? I can look up on yelp if you don't want to include comments, but that will help me focus on specific places.

If there are AYCE or no good ones, then please give me recs on your favorite Korean restaurant in that same area (32nd?) that will cook for us. I'm aiming for tofu soup and BBQ ribs at this point...

Thanks in advance for helping us out!

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  1. As far as I know, there in no AYCE korean restaurant in Manhattan. Most of the restaurants do Korean bbq and to me, they pretty much taste the same no matter where you go. Madangsui is pretty popular bbq restaurant in Chowhound though.

    1. The only AYCE somewhat korean BBQ is Favor Taste in chinatown that just opened - cook yourself - make reservations

      1. I don't think there is an AYCE korean bbq.....
        This thread has recommendations for k-town bbq:

        1. Picnic Garden in Flushing is AYCE. That's the extent of what I know about it, though.

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            If you made it to Flushing, why settle on PG? Korean food offerings are obsessively ultra-specialized: why not just pick the very best, celebrate the quality, pay up the costs (not overly expensive, for those who want to know), and simply leave AYCE to Manhattan :-)

            1. re: diprey11

              i wouldn't recommend anyone to eat at Picnic Garden or any other all you can eat type of restaurant - Korean or otherwise, but that's what boltnuts asked for.

            2. re: coasts

              Arirang @32 St for chicken-ginger soup and for kulguksu (knife-cut noodle). For everything else, please consider Palisades Park, NJ or Flushing, NY.

              I think Yelp is far from the best source for super-specialized, quality-obsessed, labor-intensive cuisines, such as Korean. JMHO.

            3. Thanks, everyone, for your replies. At least it wasn't that I missed it all :D We decided that we'll go to Cho Dang Gol...