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Mar 24, 2014 08:10 AM

Around Inverness?

We will be in Napa for a few days with an abundance of great restaurants that I am still trying to narrow down! After Napa, we are going to spend a couple of nights in Inverness in order to hike around Point Reyes before driving back to the SF airport.

I checked CH & there was only 1 recent entry (2013) about Saltwater Oyster Depot. Can someone please recommend other restaurants that are in Inverness or close? After all the yummy food in Napa, I don't want our trip to end on a disappointing food note! We like most foods, fancy and plain, it just needs to be fresh. Thanks.

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  1. Perry's Deli has very good sandwiches and is also a place to get gourmet provisions before a hike.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          If Sir and Star is even close to as good as Manka's (a restaurant whose demise I have mourned for, what, 15 years now?), then that would be my choice for a great meal. For whatever that's worth.

          1. re: TVHilton

            The fire that closed Manka's was in December 2006.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Ah, right...thanks for the correction. I had it confused with the earlier catastrophic fire in Inverness, which I think was 1997 or so.

              Still a long time.

            2. re: TVHilton

              Dined at Sir and Star a couple of weeks ago, and was very pleased. The food and service were excellent. The setting is warm and pleasing--reminiscent of Manka's without trying to replicate it.

              My only caveat would be that the wine list is entirely Marin County oriented--either Marin County wineries, or wines from Marin vineyards. If you're not conversant with those wines, the list is a little hard to manage. Our server was very knowledgeable, and steered us to a good white for our early courses; but the red he recommended wasn't all that--particularly at the price. i don't know what their corkage policy is, but one might consider bringing in a bottle.

            3. re: Robert Lauriston

              Thanks Robert. Sir and Star looks yummy!

            4. Osteria Stellina is great. Especially the bouillabaise.

              1. Has anyone tried Saltwater? My frequent trips through Inverness are never at hours allowing stop there. Oysters a logical must, I am sure.

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                  We went there twice in 2013, haven't been back in 2014. Nice charming place. You can eat at the bar top without reservation or wait. there are outside table too but reservation are needed on the weekend. Both times there was a nice mix of local and tourist. The oysters are quite good of course, they both raw and cooked preparation. The Pizzas were good and locals were getting those to go. The seafood dishes were better than the meat ones but everything we had both times we liked. It is a smaller place and was full both times we were there and service is relaxed but it fits the atmosphere. Bread and butter is really good, think they make their own butter.