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Mar 24, 2014 07:47 AM

Restaurant help

Could someone suggest a good restaurant close to the Barnes Collection?

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  1. Lunch? Dinner? What kind of place are you looking for? Options can be a little limited in the immediate vicinity but expand with a 10-15 minute walk.

    1. Pizzaria Vetri is right behind the barnes collection. Kite and Key is close by for pub food and decent salads. The barnes foundation cafeteria/restaurant is acceptable for eating.

      if you are willing to cross the parkway, you will have a myriad of choices.

      1. The Four Seasons is a short walk, 3-4 blocks. It has a highly rated restaurant, The Fountain Room and lite selections in the bar area.

        1. Right next to the Art Museum is The Waterworks

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            The Waterworks is right next to the Philadelphia Art Museum. The Barnes Foundation is down the parkway near 20th street. Unfortunately not real close.

          2. Walk north on 20th Street to Fairmount Ave - it is a lovely neighborhood and there are quite a few restaurants to suit different tastes on the blocks surrounding the Eastern State Penitentiary along Fairmount Ave.

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              That is a really good suggestion. Just know that the distance from Barnes to Fairmount along 21st street is 1/2 a mile.

              Along the way you come close to two other decent places to eat, McCrossens Tavern, which does great small plates, salads and pasta, and Belgian Cafe which has good mussels burgers, and vegetarian offerings.