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Mar 24, 2014 07:09 AM

Burlington, VT - Pasta Dinner?

Hi All. My DH is running the Burlington marathon over Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking for suggestions on where to get a good pasta dinner on the Saturday night before the race. We are staying in the UVM dorms (Yes!! That's where we met!) so would like to be anywhere in downtown Burlington so we can walk. I remember Trattoria Delia being delicious when I was in college but that was quite a while ago now. It looks like it still gets some love on this board. :) Any other Italian recommendations? Casual is totally fine too (in fact it's preferred as we will probably have a more expensive, celebratory dinner on Sunday night). Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Trattoria Delia is still outstanding my primary recommendation. There is also L'Amante. I'd go with Trattoria Delia, myself, because the dining room just feels more cosy to me and I liked the staff way better.

    1. I agree that Trattoria Delia is superb. The new Farnhouse Group Italian restaurant is scheduled to open "late spring", so keep an eye out for that. It will be located on Church Street in the former Sweet Tomatoes/Three Tomatoes/Nika space, but I don't believe they have a name yet.

      1. Thank you both. And thanks for the tip on the Farnhouse Group restaurant. Very helpful. I saw that Sweet Tomatoes was closed - I used to love that place back in college (I'm sure it probably wasn't particularly that good in real life though ha!). Any other more casual places in that same vein? I'm guessing we'll end up at Trattoria Delia but it is a little on the pricey side. Thanks again!

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          Sorry, but I had a typo! It's the Farmhouse Group. Here is the link to their flagship restaurant, I'm sure they'll have a link to the new place once it's open. I love their restaurants but they also tend to be very pricey, unfortunately.

          For downtown, you have your old standbys - Bove's, Ken's, Junior's, Manhattan Pizza will sometimes have pasta specials. They are sort of on the really casual side of casual, but they're all fairly reliable.

          1. re: gemvt

            I haven't much liked Junior's downtown for a while. I still haven't ever made it to Bove's. Hrm.

            1. re: Morganna

              Morganna, I have to confess that I've not been to either Junior's in some time. Used to love it but the service isn't great and the food isn't worth it. So, I'd say I agree with you!

              Boves is one of those places that probably isn't very good, but it's so darn cheap and filling that I'm willing to let it slide. It also brings back lots of childhood memories as we'd get Boves takeout every Thursday night.

              Manhattan Pizza has always come through for me. It's divey but I love that place.

              1. re: gemvt

                Boves is, . . ., well, Boves is Boves. If you went to college in Burlington you probably have fond memories of Boves so it would be a good place for a pre-race meal.

                All I remember about Boves is that you got huge takeout Styrofoam containers of pasta and red sauce with squishy white "Italian" bread.

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                  I still like getting pasta at the Junior's in Colchester. We usually sit in the pizza area, not in the main restaurant, though. :) I've never been in the "fancy" side. :)

              2. re: gemvt

                Thanks again! Glad to hear the old standys are still in rotation!

                1. re: kdemayo

                  T Delia is still terrific. When we come up from Boston every year, we always make sure to eat there. Heck, you're saving $ by staying in the dorms, so maybe you can justify its expense that way!

            2. Here's the website placeholder for the Sweet Tomatoes replacement, which will be called Pascolo.


              1. For a pasta/carb fix I would say Pulcinellas on Dorset St.