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Mar 24, 2014 06:28 AM

Chicken cacciatore in pressure cooker

So last fall I bought a few chickens from a local farmer who is a friend. As much as I would like to love these locally raised, free range birds, they are much tougher than I would like. They're not old birds, but just got to run around a bit too much. Probably the kind of chicken that used to be normal - we've been ruined by flabby supermarket birds, I know. Even so, I don't like them roasted and I'm thinking that they'll work well in a cacciatore or some other braised dish. Anyone have a great braised chicken recipe that is suitable for a pressure cooker? I was looking at a Batali recipe - something saucy and delicious is what I'm thinking.

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  1. hmmm...maybe this one? Have made it for my son when he stops in...have done it with lamb shanks AND short ribs...the sauce is delish, especially over couscous...I may have used chicken thighs too--got some nice reviews too:

    1. There is a recipe in my Pressure Cooker Perfection book that I have on the to-do list but haven't yet made. I have good success with other recipes from this book. Anyway, the dish is called Rustic Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and calls for bone in split breasts but surely could be made with other parts.

      1. This one is good: I only let it cook on high pressure for 5 minutes and then let the pressure come all the way down naturally, but maybe given the toughness of your birds, they could use the whole 8 minutes.

        Another great way to tenderize heritage chickens is to brine 24 hours (1 cup sea salt to 1 gallon water).

        Just a side note: Usually when you get a free-range bird that's this tough it isn't from its running around and having less fat, but because a lot of small farmers are so eager to keep everything clean and fresh that they super-chill or freeze the chicken right after slaughter. If you don't let the chicken rest for a couple of days in a cool but not very cold setting, the process (autolysis) that needs to happen for the chicken to come out of rigor mortis will never happen, and the bird will be really tough.

        1. Ok so I decided to just take a cacciatore recipe that looks good and do it in the pressure cooker! I used one by Giada DiLaurentis - I liked the capers in it. Also threw in some mushrooms because I had them. Sneak taste before dinner says it worked out. Just pressure-cooked for 8 minutes after it reached pressure. It's just so stinking cold out I need comfort food and this is it.