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Mar 24, 2014 06:05 AM

Visiting Montreal in April after years away

Hi there, I am a former Montrealer, now a Toronto-hound coming to Montreal in April, with husband and kids (10 and 7) looking for reasonable and fun food options in the Plateau or Old Montreal. We will be staying at McGill and Notre Dame. We will for sure visit Wilenskys (love it there and tell the kids about it often) and have taken the kids to the Julep and the Creperie Bretonne le Triskell. Wondering if Fondumentale is still good? As a student we loved Edouardo's-is it awful as a grown-up? And how has Au 14 Prince Arthur fared after all these years? Recoms for lunch and dinner would be much appreciated. No fancy dinners, budget travelling.

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  1. Edouardo's is awful as a grown-up (and as a child)
    The whole stretch of Prince Arthur has not fared well since your departure.

    Some suggestions:
    Amelio’s, 201 Milton
    Beaufort Café, 414 St Zotique E
    Binerie Mont Royal, 367 Mont Royal O
    Chez Boris, 5151 Parc
    Briskets, 1093 Beaver Hall
    Chez Ma Tante, 3180 Fleury E
    Chipotle & Jalapeno, 1481 Amherst
    Daou, 519 Faillon E
    Dinette Triple Crown, 6704 Clark
    Esrabian Shant, 420 Faillon E
    La Flammée, 3638 St Denis
    Mai Xiang Yuan, 1084 St Laurent
    Mei Yuan, 1425 Mackay
    Momesso's, 5562 Upper Lachine
    Moonshine BBQ, 5625 Decarie
    Pizza Nino, 6588 Monk
    Grilladerie Nostos, 9540 l'Acadie
    Nouveau Palais, 281 Bernard O
    Qing Hua, 1676 Lincoln
    Titanic, 445 St Pierre
    La Tornade, 7546 Centrale
    Le Valois, 3811 Ontario E
    Yuki Ramen, 1055 St Laurent

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    1. re: EaterBob

      Thanks EB, I can't believe Momesso's is still around, is it worth the drive? And Daou, I loved that place. As we only have a few days which of the above-list is/are a must-do and that you think kids will enjoy? they like to go out.

      1. re: greenwoodgerrard

        None are "must-do." All are very good and very kid-friendly.

        I'd suggest doing some research, and identifying those that you think your kids will like (ie do they prefer noodles to dumplings to grilled meats or pizza to sandwiches? etc.)

        You know what your kids like way better than I do.

        You might also want to either stick to those that are on the Plateau or near to Old Montreal. Or decide to visit places more off the beaten path. I didn't really take geography into account when making the list.

        And by all means please let us know your impressions of wherever you go. And you might want to wait a couple of days in order to hear from other people.

        1. re: EaterBob

          How about Portuguese chicken? (do a board search here).

          1. re: lagatta

            We have a fair bit of that here, I was hoping for uniquely Montreal experiences if you know what I mean?

          2. re: EaterBob

            Thanks, I did notice that they were scattered around town, which is ok. I will do some research...

            1. re: EaterBob

              What is Esrabian Shant? All I came up with on Google is their address and news articles about somebody of that name being found guilty of murder!

              1. re: hungryann

                The address belongs to Chez Apo, an excellent Armenian bakery which serves up lahmajoun, za'atar, kibbeh and delicious spinach pizzas. Any relation to the convicted drug dealer and murderer is news to me!

                1. re: amageddian

                  Chez Apo is a lovely old place, and their spinach pizza is to die for (sorry).

                  I removed the other part of my comment, as I had confused two different murderers. Spinach pizza is a much nicer topic, and cheaper than cocaine!

        2. La Banquise for decadent poutine is fun, and in the plateau. Beauty's for brunch/lunch is an institution, if you get there early enough you won't have to wait in line on the weekends. Love Momesso's and the subs rock but there is zero atmosphere so I wouldn't bother (I always take out). If your family likes mexican, Grumman 78 is a fun kid-friendly atmosphere with great food - it's a drive from where you are but worth it IMO. Don't forget about smoked meat - if you feel like waiting, you can hit Schwartz's but you can also do Snowdon Deli for lunch and get your smoked meat and Cherry cola fix.

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          1. re: mikjomom44

            Thanks! My grandfather grew up with the (probably former?) owner of Beauty's and was friendly with Snowdon del folks. It's my first time back since the funeral and just can't go to his old haunts without him. Will for sure hit Schwartz's. I used to know the quieter times to go when Iived around the corner. I guess 11 or 2? Kids will dig Banquise, we will try that.

            1. re: greenwoodgerrard

              Hymie is still alive and kicking, as well as working the door. Larry has taken over most of the day-to-day responsibilities at Beauty's.

          2. Au 14 Prince Arthur is still around. It's not the best Vietnamese in town but it will do in a pinch when it's a frozen hell outside and Pho Bang New York is too far.

            The Main deli is kid friendly and uniquely Montreal (smoked meat).

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            1. re: Shattered

              Pho Bang or the places a bit farther north, not far from Jean-Talon Market.