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Mar 24, 2014 04:22 AM

Casual night in London


Me and a colleague are traveling to London in 1 month. We have nothing planned for Saturday night or Sunday. We are eating at Ledbury, Gordon Ramsay and Dinner on Friday and Sat(lunch), so thats more than enough fine dine.

We want to have a area were we can walk around from place to place(preferably without having to reserve tables), drink plenty of beer and eat simple tasty food(we are chefs). Any suggestions?


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  1. Greenwich can be beautiful to look round on a Sunday and explore. Then you can check out the brewery and food here
    Things to do in Greenwich here:

    1. Admiral Codrington in Chelsea ?

        1. I'd recommend Old Street/Shoreditch. Plenty of street food-style/vietnamese/good pub/smart bar food. And plenty of pubs and bars with great beer.