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Mar 23, 2014 11:22 PM

MW vs. Alan Wongs?

I usually go to Alan Wong's when in town. Can anyone weigh in on MW vs. Alan Wong's. Any preferences? Should I check out MW since it is new or stick with my old standby?

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  1. A/W would be my preference but M/W is doing some nice stuff and wins the dessert category for sure..thx to Michelle

    1. What the heck is MW???? Please don't use abbreviations like this in title as many of us uninformed.

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      1. re: UES Mayor

        MW is the name of the restaurant
        husband and wife first initials
        michelle and wade ueoka
        he was chef de cuisine for alan wong and she was pastry chef

        1. Alan Wong's would be my preference, but I like MW as well. Look at the menus online and decide based on dishes you want to try. Why not go to MW for lunch? Slightly different menu from dinner, but at least lunch is an option unlike Alan Wong's.

          1. I was faced with the same question during our trip in January. I don't know how often you go to Hawai'i, but most restaurants don't hit their stride until at least a year.

            We saved MW for our trip next year (will be going to Alan Wong's, too). Let us know if what you think if you go.

            1. Is there a tasting menu at MW?

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