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Mar 23, 2014 08:15 PM

Trip from Lisbon to Granada - Recommendations requested

Next month, we will be flying out to Lisbon for an 8-night trip. We're doing the first and last night in Lisbon and, in between, driving to Granada and Tavira(Algarve region of Portugal) for 4 nights and 2 nights, respectively. We're a mid-20's couple that loves to eat and cook fresh foods, with a strong orientation towards healthy food, although we believe that unhealthy foods are great in moderation.

I'm an adventurous eater who eats basically everything. My girlfriend is a limited eater who is primarily a vegetarian(but doesn't eat mushrooms or eggs). She does eat chicken, turkey, or white fish. We like to experience traditional foods, but are also very eclectic eaters. We'd like to eat some great Moroccan food in between all the Spanish and Portuguese. We'd probably also like to go for some Italian pizza if possible. I'm a lover of baked goods, and her of ice cream, so those recommendations would be much appreciated.

We're looking to do mostly lower to middle-priced restaurants, but want to also do one nicer meal, a great pizza dinner, and cook some nice meals at home with local ingredients while we're in Granada(possibly also in Tavira). Also, when we are at restaurants, we rarely order drinks, so that does not have to fit into the equation.

We have just finished booking accomodations, and are starting to fill in the gaps between travel and sightseeing with food recommendations. We've got Rick Steves' books on the areas, so will look through his recommendations. I've been typically very pleased with Chowhound recommendations, so would appreciate any help.


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  1. If you only have 2 nights in the Algarve, I would not waste them on eating pizza... I don't know of any Moroccan restaurant in Portugal (although I suppose they must be one or two, but Morocco is a long waty away).
    However in the Algarve you should eat at least one "cataplana" (a dish of clams and pork cooked in the special copper utensil of the same name) and have some grilled sardines on the beach. Restaurants "O Costa" in Fabrica and "O Abado" in Sta Luzia are good.
    For a special treat, the restaurant "Vistas" in the Monte Rei golf resort is outstanding (the chef is an ex from El Bulli).
    There is quite a lot on this board about Granada, but don't miss stopping in Seville on the way...

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      Thanks for the tips. We'll take those into account.

      So far, we've nailed down places to eat in Lisbon and Granada, but still have the in-betweens to figure out. A few follow-up questions for anyone who has been in the area:

      1) On our way from Granada to Tavira, we would like to stop at a winery to taste some wines and probably buy a few bottles. We would like to do this on our way, so we wouldn't be trekking out of our way to Jerez. Any recommendations for wineries to stop at, as well as places along that route to stop for lunch?

      2) If we're stopping in Sevilla on our way to Granada, we would only be able to stop for a short visit (3 hours), during which we'd eat lunch and walk around. We would also need to be able to park our car easily/not expensively. Given these constraints, does anyone have a recommendation for the area to explore and where to eat lunch?


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        Between Granada and Tavira, you will be crossing the wine region of the Condado de Huelva. Here is a list of wineries, but I could not tell you if any is open to the public, and none of the wines from that area are worth the detour in my opinion... If you are interested in Sherry and Manzanilla, you'll have to go to Jerez and Sanlucar.

        If you decide to go to Seville, do not park on the street if you value your possessions, but leave your car in one of the underground parkings near the centre ( You want to aim for the Barrio de Santa Cruz, which is the pedestrian area near the cathedral, and have a tapas stroll. There are several threads about tapas in Seville on this board.
        Other possibilities for lunch would be Antequera (but probably too close to Granada) and Huelva (plenty of bars where the fish and shellfish is good, but the town itself does not have much to offer). Just West of Huelva in Aljaraque, I would recommand "La Plazuela" (top quality but not cheap!)