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Five of the Best Italian in NYC (per the Financial Times)

The weekend edition of the Financial Times runs a "Five of the Best" column every couple of weeks. The topics range from cheese shops in London to cafes in Turin. The weekend's column is by John Mariani, who presents five of the best Italian restaurants in NYC. I believe all are in Manhattan. The five are:

Fabio Cucina Italiana
East 12th Osteria
Ristorante Morini

Remember, it is "five of the best," not the best five!


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  1. Related: Google for "everyone hates john mariani."

    1. That list bad, all'onda is laughably bad....

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        I have not been to any of the restaurants on the list. Have you been to any other than All'onda?

        1. re: Cpalms

          One of the worst meals I've had this year. Not only was the food bad, was told when I called in, no reservations. When I arrived, do you have reservations? Well sit by this freezing cold door since you have no reservations.

        2. Mariani is a dinosaur. He makes Menudo look hip and current

          1. Has anyone been to ANY of the restaurants this list, other than All'onda?

            1. At least all of these places still appear to be in business. Not the case in his laughably inaccurate Arthur Avenue rundown for Esquire last year ... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9006...

              1. Fiorellos not on the list? Been there once, but was very satisfied. Is that not a pretty good one though?

                1. East 12th Street and First Ave is "East Greenwich Village"?
                  Never knew.

                  1. All'onda gets a very favorable review in today's NY Times:


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                      Looks like there are some chowhounders who agree with Mr. Wells.


                    2. anyone try Fabio Cucina Italiana?

                      1. East 12th Osteria is absolutely incredible and a neighborhood gem. The chef makes delicate, delicious food in a casual setting. The cuisine is high end (i.e. you will spend money) and the food is truly outstanding. The wine list is very solid and the hostess/chef's wife has many suggestions that are not on the official wine list. It is well worth the visit!

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                          Yeah, it's super-expensive for the neighborhood, which deterred me from considering it. Is it comparable in deliciousness and ingredients to places like Ai Fiori or maybe Lincoln?