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Mar 23, 2014 06:41 PM

upcoming trip

Will be in NOLA in June with my wife - my second time, her first. We have made some initial plans looking to take in some of what New Orleans is famous for - food.

Here are our plans thus far, would love to hear your thoughts:

Thurs Late Lunch - Acme or Felix

Fri Breakfast - Red Gravy
Dinner - Besh Steakhouse

Sat PoBoy & Mufalatta picnic lunch
Dinner - NOLA

Sun Brunch - Commander's Palace
Dinner - GW Fin

Mon Dinner - Broussards (30th Anniversary)

Café Du Monde
Pat O'Briens

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  1. You will have some comments that your choices are not "the best" but I like them as you will have a great range of local cooking from places that are in most peoples local top 10 or top 20.

      1. re: shanefink

        would have been nice to know why your not feeling it. I can add that collardman above got me - the "best" has many definitions. I'm trying to get us a taste of the NOLA experience. I don't have to go to all the five star joins. I figured I have steak and seafood covered. I have cajun and creole options. I have tourist spots and well know joints. I have some traditional places included - what I don't have solely are pretentious places that have menus I may not be into. I do appreciate your feedback but was hoping for useful response that could give insight to something overlooked or something I've added that should clearly be avoided. You provided neither. I guess I'm not feeling your reply

        1. re: belferdad

          Red Gravy is fine. Mr. John’s is a better steakhouse than Besh. Emeril’s is better than NOLA. I am probably the only one, but I don’t like GW Fins at all. There are probably better options than Broussard’s for your special night, see Ta Tee’s reasoning below. I had a feeling you were going to be the type of person that didn’t want a “pretentious" experience (based on your selections above), therefore you won’t really be wowed the way a foodie would be wowed. And that’s fine, some people don’t need gnocci in brown butter sauce with lump crab. In this city, though, there are very few “five star joints” the way one would describe a five star joint in New York or San Francisco. Do yourself a favor and spend one meal at Herbsaint, August, Sylvain, Coquette or one of those “pretentious” spots and order things you would never have ordered anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed.

          1. re: shanefink

            Thanks - this is helpful. I picked Besh's steak as I have been to Lukes in San Antonio and enjoyed, but once I looked at the menu in NOLA (for Lukes and Augusts), Im too picky and happy to do Besh's steak so I can get to one of his places.

            I went to NOLAs the first time visiting and loved it so I wanted to take my wife there. Besides the food, I loved the feel of the place.

            As for GW Fin - I've only heard good things and friends just returned raving about it.

            I agree that Broussard should be replaced and I am having trouble with the right choice as it is for the anniversary - just having looked at some of the menus I just havent been drawn to any of them - Not drawn to Sylvan or R'evolution. I will look into Herbsaint - we are from NYC and have been from holes in wall to five star - both extremes and all in-between have something to offer. I dont need white tie and tales for the important meal, but something romantic, some good food, were we can talk, feel comfortable and make a memory is what I seek.

              1. re: shanefink

                This sounds silly but we are staying in the quarter and not planning to rent a car - is it easy to get to?

                1. re: belferdad

                  Two choices: Ride the St. Charles trolley car to the end and walk a bit. Pay the taxi fare.

                  We stayed in a hotel on Bienville in the Quarter and found that most taxi rides to restaurants in the Julia/Tchoupitoulas section of the Warehouse District cost somewhat under $7 plus tip. Brigsten's location is considerably farther than the Warehouse District.

                  The St. Charles trolley line is undergoing track renovation and a trip is somewhat complicated by the need to switch to a bus to travel past the section of the track under construction. You have considerable time before your June trip and this disruption may be a thing of the past.

                  I don't know how late the trolley service continues.

                2. re: shanefink

                  Years ago I went to Petunias and loved it - is there someplace like that you can recommend

                  1. re: belferdad

                    Uglesich’s and Petunia’s- two of my favorite places of days gone by. Sadly, there’s no place like either of them, and there never will be. The most convenient thing to do for Brigsten’s is it hop in a taxi. It’s cheap and quick. You could also ride the streetcar to the Riverbend and walk from there (five minute walk), but make sure you know where you are going (GPS) because if you walk the wrong way it could get sketchy.

                3. re: belferdad

                  "Im too picky and happy to do Besh's steak so I can get to one of his places..."

                  Since you're posting now about a trip in June, let me share our experience about getting a reservation at August. Six weeks ahead of our trip, we were unable to snag a reservation at August. We made other arrangements, but kept phoning occasionally. About two weeks before the trip, we were able to get a Saturday night reservation. Admittedly it was on the early side, but we took it rationalizing that meant we'd be able to catch both an 8:00 and 10:00 music set.

                  If you look up a thread titled "Speed" you'll see that I wasn't happy with the bi-polar tone of the evening. It began at a very, very leisurely pace and then shifted into high gear. However, the food was sublime. I wouldn't hesitate to eat at August again. Having read my post, you'll be ready to control your evening for an experience that satisfies you in every way.

          2. Has anyone on this board been to Broussard's since it changed hands????? Have not seen a review of the place in months. I would choose something else to celebrate your 30th Anniversary. Open on Mondays in the FQ: Antoine's, Bayonna, Cafe Giovanni, Galatoires Steak house, Irene's, Muriel's, R'evolution and Stella to name a few.

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            1. re: TaTee

              Thanks - this is useful feedback - perhaps I will look into an alternative place to celebrate. I've looked at R'evolution and Stella and they aren't exactly what I'm looking for - I will look at the others - leaning toward Antoine -

              What do you think about Arnaulds or Brennands

              1. re: belferdad

                Brennan's is dead. Arnaud's does a good job with the basics and puts on a Fine Dining show. Lovely little bar.

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Yes Brennan's is dead. Do not go there. It would be a waste of your time and money. I have not been to Arnaud's but if you go definitely get a French 75. Antoine's is good too. Get the cafe brulot for the presentation alone.

              2. re: TaTee

                Yep. Walked in, sat at the bar long enough to be insulted by the asswipe behind the bar (not, I'm quick to add, Paul G. who might be surly but has never, ever been inhospitable), and walked out. Will never step foot in the place again.

                Your recommendations are spot on.

              3. Red Gravy no. Just no. Breakfast at a number of other places would be better. Ruby Slipper comes to mind.

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                1. re: mrsfury

                  Really? I kind of liked the place. The omelet and potatoes I had were really good. I was at the TW Fest the past few days and needed a place for a quick breakfast so I tried Daisy Dukes which an out-of-town friend recommended. Umm, that would be my “No, just no."

                  1. re: shanefink

                    Hey we all like different things, right? Just my opinion. If y'all like it more power to ya. I did not care for Brigtsen's for example and many people love it.

                    1. re: mrsfury

                      No I just want to make sure I can get to it - it looks good

                    2. re: shanefink

                      Heh, my "No, just no," is surely Mena's. God the place is terrible.

                    3. re: mrsfury

                      Red Gravy came highly recommended and we loved menu on line - also friends just were there and love it - not likely to remove from out plans but will also be hitting other places - Ive heard Stanley's is good too

                      1. re: belferdad

                        Red Gravy's fine (unless mrsfury can substantiate with details, of course) though I'm not a fan of their Bloody Marys. If you do opt for the Ruby Slipper, at least head to the Marigny location where you'll not wait in line. No place ever has been worth that.

                        1. re: montuori

                          I was not a fan of the ordering at the register, the attitude of the owner or the food.

                          1. re: mrsfury

                            That’s odd. I had table service when I was there. When did you go? The owner is very New Jersey. She overheard us talking about the wait at Ruby Slipper and she thought we meant the wait for food at her place. She told us since it was a holiday (I think it was Easter), she was very short staffed. We assured her everything was fine, but you could tell she was very defensive about her place. As for the food, I really liked the fact that our omelet and potatoes were full of rosemary and thyme. Everything was very flavorful.

                            1. re: shanefink

                              Hmm well then they have changed things since I have been there. It has been at least a year. I'd be willing to try it again but I have friends who have been there and agree with me so maybe I'm not the only oddball? if it's great and you like it, more power to ya.

                              1. re: mrsfury

                                That's interesting. I can imagine finding the owner a little ... well in my family we call that "ginzo"[*] ... however, the place wasn't an order at the counter affair.

                                Thanks for your response mrsfury: when people tell me I'm out of touch for liking some places I understand; R.G. seemed like a pretty solid -- if b-team -- kind of place on my visits.

                                [*] Seriously, this is wop on wop deprecation, it's allowed (I hope). I mean, if you have two sides of a family that no longer speak because some call it "gravy" (wrongly) and some call it "sauce" you're allowed an occasional g-word, right?

                    4. So I am all ready after hearing your feedback to make a reservation at Brighten only to learn that they aren't open on Mondays which is the day of my anniversary.

                      Then I was a bit drawn to Arnauds but kept think if over. Now I'm leaning to moving reservations around and cancelling Besh Steak and that night going to Brighten and then for the special night going to August.

                      Tell me your thoughts.
                      I also am curious - do you all like August or Lukes better.

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                        1. re: belferdad

                          Perfect. Brigsten’s and August will impress.