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Mar 23, 2014 06:10 PM

hillstones calorie count

curiosity more than anything... anyone have an idea what the calorie count is on one of their cheeseburgers?

there's been so much chatter about them dividing their stores up under different brands to avoid sharing calorie info. this never really bothered me in a meaningful way (not that I respect with or agree with it). BUT now it's starting too. I'm not suggesting they post their calories in their menu but If the info is available I should be able to search for it. and I have a strong feeling they know those figures. as a consumer who wants to know, I'm somewhat frustrated by not being able to find out. obviously this kind of info wouldn't be expected for one off restaurants or restaurants with a few locations...

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  1. I don't know who or where they are, or what the laws are where they are located, but if they are dividing up to avoid posting the calorie counts, they are most likely doing this to avoid the costs of performing the analysis, which can be substantial. So the counts most likely do not exist.

    It's unlikely they would pay to do the analysis and only then take steps to refuse to post them.

      1. MFP says the "california burger" (no idea what that is) clocks in at just north of 1,000 calories....

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        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Sounds about right for a restaurant burger.

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            thx for weighing in. oh boy...

            i did come across these when i searched as well but nothing seemed particularly reliable. it's a tricky situation. i am not a calorie counter but last time i was in, the rumor that they changed the name to avoid disclosing calories made me a bit frustrated if true (they have the money to do this study, i am sure). the frustrating part is the thought that they know, that it's absurdly high and therefore they went though all the name change shenanigans to avoid sharing the information.

            1. re: goldpackage

              Once calorie counts were visible in nyc restaurants there were some startling discoveries....but cheeseburgers have never been low-cal

        2. Do you think any similar burger made at home would be any different in terms of calories?

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            1. re: fourunder

              a similar burger would be substantially different if:
              1) it has a substantially higher or lower fat percentage
              2) if the cheese quantity or fat content was different
              3) if the weight of the burger was different
              4) if the water content of the burger was different
              5) if the amount of fatty toppings (e.g. mayo) was different
              6) if the size/weight of the bun was different.
              7) if the burger at home is served with salad w/o dressing while you are having the fries at the restaurant.

              it's entirely possible to make a burger at home with a substantially different calorie count.
              of course, the more different the calorie count is, the less "similar" the burger will be.

              1. re: westsidegal

                a similar burger would be substantially different if:...


                If were substantially different, then it wouldn't be similar.

                : 0 )

                1. re: fourunder

                  Touché, see your point so I agree. But most burgers made home are less calorific, for the record :)

            2. It's a disgrace I tell you. I mean who goes into a pub grub place expecting a cheeseburger under a 1000 calories? I mean really, the injustice of it all!

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              1. re: smoledman

                Heck, the bun alone is worth about 400 cals but, you're correct who counts when your in a pub eating a burger and slugging a brew down. Don't forget the fries, wow they're really low cal!! That's the last place to be calorie counting.