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Mar 23, 2014 05:42 PM

2 oz glass spice jars with sifter tops

Does anyone know where I can find about 60 two oz (short) glass spice jars with sifter tops locally? China Fair? I'm in Brookline. I'm not in a rush, but local would be nice. On the other hand, I found them online for only $0.73 each with tops, which is probably hard to beat.

Like these:
or the small jars from Penzey's. Or square/rectangular should work too, but they need to be short (about 2 inches tall).


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  1. Penzey's jars don't have sifter tops, and are far more expensive than those in your link. I bet China Fair would try to help you out with some notice. Give them a call.

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      1. re: Locutus

        Look at that! Never seen them in the store and don't visit their website. Good to know. Thanks!

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          Although I looked at Penzey's as well and found that they don't seem to sell the small (2-ounce) jars that quirkydeb is looking for, at least online. I could have sworn that I've bought small empty jars as well the larger ones - in the Arlington store - but I'm probably remembering wrong.

          OTOH, it may be worth your while to stop in and at least ask about buying some, especially given the quantity you're looking for.

      2. deb, no offense intended but this sifter top has an air tight lid that goes over it? I've never seen one of these before and i ask because of the importance of having spices not open to the air.
        Also, am i guessing correctly that you don't have plans to use these to hold one's supply of spices? I ask this because i shake very few of my spices, usually measuring them instead, per recipes(for which an open jar is best, once the sealed top is removed.) But maybe these are stupid questions because you have totally different plans for these jars....

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        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Why would I be offended OC? The company said the top is close to airtight, but not completely. Sounds good enough to me for my spice use. Whenever I worry about my spices, I think about how long spices used to travel and what the conditions must have been like. Mine HAVE to be starting out much fresher.

          These are for my spices (to try to fit my bulk purchases into my tiny spice drawer). It's true that I do scoop a lot of the time, but I do cheat a lot and shake and eyeball. My Penzey's spices frequently have the shaker top under underneath the lid, and a one piece would be so much easier, even if I do have to remove it to scoop.

        2. I've bought the 4-oz ones at China Fair by the case, and they include sifter tops, if you mean the plastic kind with five quarter-inch-diameter holes arranged in a circle. I didn't notice if they have the smaller ones.

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            I suspected China Fair was my best bet. Time to call them. Thanks everyone!