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Mar 23, 2014 04:53 PM

Water chestnuts…not canned

Does anyone know if refrigerated/vacuumed packed, or fresh water chestnuts are readily available in any area asian markets? Years back, Simon delivers sold the cold packaged ones for awhile. So much better than canned! I looked at Sun Foods once, closest large ethnic market to me...they have so much could have missed it.

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  1. Fresh, yes. I've seen them at the usual suspects (Dragon Star, Shuang Hur, etc.). Not sure about United Noodle, but the other two are closer to you. I would call ahead if possible or be prepared to visit two stores; I don't know if they're seasonal or a regular stock item.

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    1. re: steve_in_stpaul

      Thanks! Worried about the seasonal thing. Darn, gonna have to call them! Giant snow flakes here, Minnesota is so fun!

      1. re: skewitall

        I've also seen them jarred fancy at Lunds or Byerlys.

      2. re: steve_in_stpaul

        I've purchased them before at Shuang Hur. I was just there on Saturday and did not notice them (although I was not looking for them either).

      3. Thanks for the suggestions!