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Mar 23, 2014 03:50 PM

Mopho and Lucky Rooster

Who has been? Thoughts?

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  1. I wanted to love Mopho but the food was nothing special. We had an array of dishes. The crispy chicken wings were the best of our selections. Unfortunately, they bordered on being undercooked.

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      I have had similar experiences at Mopho...the crispy wings are good, but to my palate the sauce is entirely too sweet. It would be helped by a shot of acid or heat or something. And the pho tries hard to be upscale, but it fails on a few key counts: 1)bowls with the fried shallot/garlic garnish begin to be overwhelmed by said garnish; by the time you're 1/2 way through, it's just a garlic soup.
      2)the shallow metal spoons are just stupid. Not large enough for a real mouthful, weirdly angled, and when paired with the straight sided (not standard flared) bowls, they have an annoying tendency to fall directly to the bottom of the bowl.

      If I was in the area, I'd give it a whirl; the room is interesting in a woody way. But it's not worth driving across town for, IMHO, nor has it surpassed the food it is riffing.

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        Slightly late to this thread, but just went to Mo Pho last night and ordered the chef's tasting menu - and was completely impressed! There was a clam dish with a mildly spicy curry-like broth that was incredible - served with churro-like breadsticks....and there was a very delicate pork jowl dish with small roasted brussel sprouts...short rib was tasty but nothing special (I just came back from Chicago and had the short rib at Nico Osteria which IS something very special)...

        I have to say I didn't have high hopes a) it's a really stupid name (a bad pun that doesn't even work if you pronounce Pho the correct way) - b) it's in such a uninviting location (strip mall next to a burger king) and c) there is so much good "real" vietnamese in this city - - but the food is totally worth a try - next time I'll try the viet standards of pho and bahn mi and see what they can do....

    2. Mopho does a fine job with their pho (at least their beef varieties) -- there's the depth of flavor you expect in the broth and they offer both tripe and tendon alongside more commonly found cuts; the tripe is really well done, if maybe not in the standard Vietnamese style. Their poboys -- I've had the duck and sausage -- are of the Killer Po-Boy camp: not your usual fare but well thought out with components that complement one another nicely.

      I was less enthused by one of the entrees and find the spring rolls to be subtle to the point of flavorless. The service has been inexperienced and with the spotty enthusiasm that belies late nights on the part of the servers.

      1. Lucky Rooster is good, once you get past their juvenile concept to be "funky operators" (silly jive and joking manner). their veggie mushroom soup is terrific, the mushroom springrolls are good, the coconut shrimp steamed sliders... service has been very good, goofiness aside.

        1. Namese on Carrollton opened around the same time as MoPho but has not received the same press/PR. But, the menu, while more traditional, is overall much better and very reasonable. Better choice if you are in Mid City for sure.

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            A friend went to Namese this weekend and says the bacon-shrimp spring rolls were completely disappointing--obviously prepared far in advance & quite hard/chewy.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              That is almost identical to a neighbor's comment last week.

              I agree about Mopho which,to my mind, is a "cute name" and that is about it.