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Mar 23, 2014 03:49 PM

Solo dining in Dallas

I'm going to be in Dallas for the next 3 days for business. I have an expense account but with a $15 lunch limit and $20 dinner limit. I want to experience some awesome food within my budget if possible. I have a car and will be dining solo. Recommendations would be awesome! Local, tasty, I'm not picky. Thanks!!

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  1. In what part of town are you staying? The metroplex is huge.

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    1. re: Veggo

      I'm staying in the Park Central area....I think? But will be kind of all over the area over the next few days.

    2. The bar at Eno's in Oak Cliff should work for dinner.
      Also, for a delicious cheap lunch, try El Come Tacos. They're only $1.50 each.
      Or, Farnatchi. They serve a great lunch for about $10.00. Delicious salads, pizza, and a great cheese stuffed burger, too.
      Also, Beck's Prime. Three locations in Dallas.

      These are just a few suggestions. There are literally a hundred more that could work for you based on your budget and location.

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        Thanks! I definitely want to try some good tacos! Is it possible to get a local "foodie" experience in the area without going upscale?

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          The brisket tacos at the Blue Goose cantina in Addison are very good, as is their tortilla soup. Almost across the street, Nate's now has crawfish (spicy) , gumbo with a nice dark roux, and killer bread pudding. Also nearby, Houstons is very good but much pricier.