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Mar 23, 2014 01:17 PM

Alba ~ Early May 2014

Working on a group of four visiting Alba for 5 nights the first week of May. We will have a car and plan to visit nearby towns each day. So far, these are restaurants I'm considering ~
Alba ~ La Libera
Cherasco ~ La Lumaca or Della Rosa Rossa
Bra ~ Boccondivino
Annunziata ~ Osteria Veglio
Priocca ~ Osteria il Centro

There is a StreetFood Festival in Alba during our visit ~
Does anybody have any experience with this?

There's also a Barbera Festival in Castagnole delle Lanze ~
Anybody know anything about this one?

All suggestions and helpful hints are very appreciated.
Mille grazie

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  1. I closed too soon ~
    Each town has an Enoteca Regionale. I've pinned them all on Google Earth, but can't imagine visiting each one. Any not to be missed?
    Again ~ mille grazie.

    1. I liked La Libera, though it get mixed reviews on CH. If you don't want to drive outside of Alba every night I think it's a nice choice in town.

      Il Centro is one of the best I've tried, and is a not too difficult drive from Alba. I'm curious about your choices for Cherasco. I like La Lumaca but liked La Torre better. I've not been to Rosa Rossa.

      I would recommend a trip to Cuneo, which seems to be completely off the tourist radar but is very beautiful. Here is a report on our Saturday lunch in Cuneo in fall 2011, from my Piemonte dining report:

      Saturday we drove through the Langhe, passing through La Morra, Barolo and Dogliani, then headed to Cuneo. I was unsure what to expect there as it is generally ignored by tourist guides but being the capital of the region, I figured it should have something going for it, and indeed it did. There is a grand piazza in the center, and a charming old quarter with an arcaded main street and narrow streets and alleys running off it. Not having gotten any restaurant info, I relied on Michelin and we checked out the menus at three places as we strolled. We ended up choosing Osteria della Chiocciola, and had a fabulous lunch in a beautiful upstairs dining room with a high ceiling and huge wooden beams. We shared a starter of tongue salad with red onion, pignoli and balsamic, and then potato gnocchetti with castelmagno cheese sauce. For main courses we chose veal with olive tapenade and loin of pork with a mustard gravy. Both were served with zucchini and carrots. All were exceptional. The wine list is very impressive (there is also a wine shop and wine bar on premises). I picked a Roero Braja Riserva 2007 from Deltetto (17 euros). This was a superb wine, less heavy than Barolo but still full-bodied, very easy drinking. With water and coffee, total was 61 euros. We skipped dessert because there is a branch of Grom on the main piazza and we were very happy to have some gelato there.

      The food festival in Alba looks very interesting.

      Where are you staying In Alba? We have stayed at the Hotel Langhe twice and I would highly recommend it.

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        Thanks so much for your reply. In re Cherasco, della Rosa Rossa was mentioned in an article from Travel & Leisure back in 2006 and I found some interesting reviews as well. I did pin La Torre on Google Earth, but it disappeared under another pin ~ I'll definitely put it on my list.

        Any opinion on I Bologna in Rocchetto Tanero?

        Nothing is definitive yet ~ I'm using Google Earth to pin everything that seems interesting and am hoping that a geographic pattern will pop out that makes sense. With Alba as a base, I'm willing to go up to two hours in any direction (and everything looks very close). Thanks to you, I've added Cuneo and pinned Chiocciola.

        We're staying just outside Alba at Villa La Meridiana

        Mille grazie!

        1. re: NANCY

          La Meridiana looks very nice. We went to I Bologna about 5 years ago, and it was excellent.

        1. We had lunch at I Bologna in October for the first time in several years and enjoyed it. Very traditional, family run place with a solid wine list. They excel with their home made pastas, especially the tagliarin. I would also add a strong endorsement for Il Centro.

          If you search this board using "Piemonte" you will find some other interesting options, including Il Veglio near La Mora and the upscale (but still traditional) da Renzo in Cervere. But if nothing else, do not miss da Bardon. It really gives you everything you miight want in terms of a traditional Piemontese trattoria. Nothing fancy, but everything is solid. Plus, a stupendous wine list.