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MInetta Tavern - The Big Conundrum

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poll: Cote de Boeuf or Black Label.

I already had the BL, but not the Cote. Wifey wants the burger again. Happy wife, happy ziggy, but still a tough choice

Dinner in 2.5 hours

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      1. Get both!! Have the burger for dinner and then enjoy cote de beouf leftovers for a day or two.....

        1. Cote. The BL is a great burger but the cote is a great steak. Compare a Lugars lunch burger (which is awe inspiring) to the porterhouse... my last meal before execution would be the steak

          1. CdB

            Never understood butter and burgers.

            1. Oy, you not gonna like this gang. CDB was the choice (almost wrote CBD as I have NOLA on my mind) and I must say I was a little disappointed.

              The cut was impressive, but it didnt quite have that "funk", or flavor that I expected. It was a tad dry and chewy (Ordered medium as I was with family). Some of the pieces would not easily cut, and the entire cut was extremely fatty. I would say somewhere around 40% fat.
              In comparison we felt the Tomahawk at Costata had much more flavor and none of that fat content.

              Oh well. Just one persons experience I suppose. Thanks for the help ;)

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              1. I will get groans when I say this but I prefer the Burger vs the Black Label Burger. It is so much better, IMO. The bartender, Fabrezio(?) encouraged me to try it side by side when I was dining with a group of friends( we were discussing the "bet burger" in NYC). We agreed that it was much better. Anyone else agree?
                Also in our group was the VP of Marketing for Danny Meyers. She orders the burger once a week...she claims it is the best in the city.

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                  The waitress told me that half the people prefer Black Label and the other half prefer the regular one when doing a side-by-side tasting. I like the Black Label better because I think the meat tastes funkier.

                  Ziggy, I didn't care too much for the cote de boeuf either. Funk was fine but it was way too chewy and fatty for me.