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Mar 23, 2014 11:36 AM

Restaurant near TD Garden for large group

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant (late lunch early dinner) near the TD Garden that can accommodate a large group (20 give or take a few)?

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  1. I'm guessing nearby Scampo would appeal to you, and be able to take your group. It's in a great building- an 1840ish stone City Jail, now a hotel and Scampo. Do a CH Search for detailed CH reports (mostly v positive that i have seen.)

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      Scampo is not especially close to the Garden—about 0.8 miles walking, and it's an awkward trip by T. There are lots of places closer in the North End, some of which will be able to accommodate a group of 20.

    2. Some clues about the kind of food you want & price range wb helpful 1st; however, you might check out the 2nd floor of Taranta:

      1. Maybe try Ward 8? Not sure of their hours. Otherwise, you're close to the N. End.

        1. In the North End, L'Osteria on Salem St. handled a party of 15 of mine last summer with aplomb. Artu on Prince St. is good too. If you want to be near the Garden because you're trying to make a game, then The Fours & Grand Canal, both on Canal St., are acceptable, if not culinarily exciting.