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Mar 23, 2014 11:03 AM

Food-lover’s tour of Chuckanut Drive

We spent most of this past week in Bham, and didn't make it down to Bow-Edison to places like Breadfarm :-/

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  1. I frequent many of those places mentioned. Good food!

    The bread farm is great for their shortbread cookies and truffle crackers. All the breads are fresh and made with skill.

    Chuckanut manor has consistently good food, I have never had a bad meal there but it's not trendy or "foo foo" - but just good quality and sometimes creative. I eat there every few months when they cater to a professional group dinner.

    Slough foods have great sandwiches, nice wines, I shop there several times a year. Nice cheeses and the owner is a bit of a Francophile, so the food store reflects that. You can take your food and wine outside the back door in the summer and they have a cute little area with Adirondack chairs with a nice view.

    Taylor's shellfish is legendary. You can't possibly get anything more fresh unless you go oyster hunting and clam digging yourself. They have Shigoku oysters...need I say more :)

    Totally worth a Saturday trip of shopping for food and eating along the way!