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Mar 23, 2014 10:59 AM

Sid's short(er) list for Venice:

Recommended Restaurants in Venice:

Gatte Nero, ⌚1230pm Fondamenta della Giudecca, 88, on the island of Burano Tel 041 730120 moderately expensive. Ask for the waiter Max Reservations can be made on the webpage

Locanda Cipriani, ⌚1230pm piazza Santa Fosca, 29, on the island of Torcello,
☎ 041 73 01 50. Closed Tuesdays and January, Expensive, yet lots of room, because it’s on an empty island. Try the Easter Cake. Reservations can be made on the webpage

Busa-alla Torre
Campo Stefano 3, Murano
☎ 041 73 96 62
open only a lunch. One of my favorites in Venice, and the place to eat when you’re on the island of Murano. The owner, Lele, is a Venetian institution; he looks like a lion. I Moderately expensive One of Chowhound's best posters had a negative experience here.

Ai Promessi Sposi, Calle dell’Oca 4367 Closed Wednesdays at lunch
for Venice, inexpensive
Sestriere Cannareggio, 4367, 30121 Venezia, Italy
Phone:+39 041 241 2747

Ai 40 Ladroni, Fondamenta della Sensa 3253, 30121 TEL 041 715736.
For Venice, inexpensive. Just down the canal from Anice Stelleto

Trattoria Casa Mia, SS Apostole, Calle Dell’Oca 4430
For Venice, inexpensive 041 528 5590

La Cantina, Cannaregio 3689, Campo San Felice Tel: 041 522 8258.
For Venice, inexpensive, also good for tapas

for cicchetti (tapas): Cantinone già Schiavi, TEL: 041 5230034 Fondamenta Nani, 992, 30123 Dorsoduro

Vini da Gigio, ⌚ 12noon, ☎ 04 15 28 51 40 Fondamente San Felice, 36288, Cannareggio
relatively expensive. Best wine list that I saw in Venice

Algiubagio, Fondamente Nuove, ☎ 041 52 36 084, closed Tuesdays, good for tapas up front.
Fondamenta Nuove, Cannareggio 5039 - 30125 - Venezia - Italy
tel: +39 041 52 36 084
For Venice inexpensive

Ristorante da Alvise - Fondemente Nuove, Cannaregio 5045/a, 30121 Venezia - tel. 041.5201515 - moderately expensive Reservations can be made on the webpage

Trattoria Storica
Address: Sestiere Cannaregio, 30100 Venezia, Italy
Phone: 041 528 5266 moderately expensive

✪Fiachetteria Toscana
Salizada S.Giovanni Grisostomo, Cannaregio 5719 Venezia
☎ 041 52 85 281
Along with Al Covo this is my favorite restaurant in Venice. Ask for the waiter Roberto and tell him ‘Mr. Sidney’ from North Carolina sent you.
Expensive, so this would do for a splurge meal. Expensive and hard to get a reservation. Google this place and email for a reservation.

✪Anice Stellato
Fondamenta della Sensa 3272 in Cannaregio
☎ 041 72 07 44. Expensive, creative cuisine.
Expensive and hard to get a reservation. Google this place and email for a reservation.

✪Al Covo
Calle Della Pescaria
☎ 041 5223812
Along with Fiaschetteri Toscano, this is my favorite restaurant in Venice. Expensive and hard to get a reservation. Google this place and email for a reservation. The chef, Cesare is outstanding; his wife, who makes the desserts is from Texas. Tell them ‘Mr. Sidney’ from Winston-Salem, North Carolina sent you.

Two places for outstanding fish:
✪1. Osteria alle Testiere, ☎ 041 52 27 220, Calle del Mondo Novo, 5801, closed Sundays. Expensive and hard to get a reservation. Google this place and email for a reservation. The best seafood in Venice. Open in two shifts, 730pm and 930pm. I took the latter shift so as not to be pushed out when the shift expires. It seats only about 24 people.
For reservations requests please apply directly to

✪2. Antiche Carampane, 041 524 0165 (if possible, ask to sit outside) Sestiere San Polo, 1911, 30125 Venice, Italy Expensive and hard to get a reservation. Google this place and email for a reservation. Great for fish. :

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  1. Sid,
    Are you a mind reader? I'm working on a visit to Venice at the end of April and 3 of my 5 picks are on your list. Like you, I cannot go to Venice without a stop at Al Covo, Fiaschetteria Toscana and Locanda Cipriani. How do you feel about Bancogiro? I was there in 2010 and really enjoyed it.
    Many thanks for the detailed info above, you've made my work much easier.
    Nancy from AVL

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    1. re: NANCY

      Glad to help, Nancy; this is what Chowhound is about. I haven't been to Bancogiro. I'll put it on my list the next time that I'm in Venice. Remember what I wrote about Fiaschetteria Toscana. Ask for the waiter Roberto and tell him that "Mr. Sidney" from North Carolina sent you. Fred PLotkin in his otherwise outstanding book _Italy for the Gourmet Traveler_, didn't like the desserts. I thought they were wonderful. Roberto will take you to the dessert counter and tell you about what is there. Try the Almond cake.

      1. re: sidcundiff

        Roberto sends his well wishes and hopes to see you soon! Turns out that he was our same waiter from our last trip, but this time he didn't try to talk me out of the castraure San Erasmo - my favorite.
        Full report when I get back in a few weeks.

    2. We also are planning to be in Venice a few weeks from now, and appreciate this compendium of recommendations. But we're surprised that the list doesn't include Zucca, which is much discussed elsewhere. Would appreciate a comment from the OP.

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      1. re: chowtraveler

        NO comment on Zucca, because I haven't been there. All the restaurants which I recommend I've been to. Al add Zucca to my next visit to Venice

        1. re: sidcundiff

          While I'm at it, a comment on La Zucca, now that we've been there: We found the food ordinary, the service poor (almost impossible to get the server's attention), and stylishness at the greasy-spoon level. Paper napkins only (and small ones at that); a primo ordered to be shared was served as if for one person only, without even duplicate cutlery, much less a second plate. We failed to see what all the fuss is about. The food wasn't bad, but took last place of all our meals in the city.

          1. re: chowtraveler

            Curious, what did you eat at La Zucca?

            It is not a tablecloth or fine-dining restaurant nor is it elegant but we found it at least comfortable. We rarely find that the trattoria class of restaurants will divide a dish onto two plates or bring additional cutlery. Maybe it is a mark of less refinement on our part to accept this, but we will normally pass plates back and forth and there is always sufficient cutlery and plates on the table to manage.

            Will look forward to hearing your full report of your trip!

            1. re: jen kalb

              Really, Jen (or Ms. Kalb if you prefer), no need for the faux populism. I'm sure you've spent much more time in Italy than we have, but in two trips just within the past year, eating in lots of trattorie and osterie as well as some ristoranti (including lots of places with no tablecloths), I don't think I saw a single paper napkin anywhere else except the Autogrill.

              Most places regardless of category, when one primo was ordered for two, would unasked bring at least a 2d plate and cutlery, often 2 additional plates so the one the food was served on could sit on the table a la famiglia. Sometimes, again unasked, the serving even would be divided in the kitchen and served on separate plates.

              Just lucky, I guess.

              What we ate: Pasta with asparagus and pumpkin flowers; ossobucco; rabbit with lemon and olives; and a bottle of Schioppetino (Grillo 2010). Certainly not bad, just ordinary. One can do better. we certainly did.

              Just lucky, I guess.

              1. re: chowtraveler

                I guess these just arent my standards for judging. I Faux populism? Just talking about our experience and preference since we do not like uncomfortable or slipshod situations any more than the next person. But I dont remember ever being without sufficient plates or cutlery in Italy. Except in more upscale places a dish has not been divided out onto two plates - and we would actually prefer not.
                Maybe you have been more specific in your ordering than we typically are.

                It may be that La Zucca has slipped down in food quality and service since we were there - we did get to have their famous zucca flan (probably in season now) which I will be seeking to replicate again this thanksgiving. your report is valuable and I look forward to the rest.

      2. Loving this list. I am heading to Venice for three days starting New Year's eve. Staying at an apartment near Rialto. If you had to narrow this down to 4-5 and needed a) 2 chicetti places b) one special but not exorbitant place for New Year's eve and c) one place not to miss, what would it be? Fine saving the nicer place for a night other than NYE as long as I have a reservation on NYE. Planning on heading to San Marco for fireworks after dinner

        Heading to Bologna on Jan 2nd for more eating, but my wife is super excited about Venice and I want to make sure we do it right.

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        1. re: biltritewave

          probably repeating what PBSF advised on other thread, but since so many restaurant (maybe half of the good ones?) close for some or all of this period it makes senst to focus more on which ones are open than on cutting down Sid's list. You could call around or ask your hotel to. Here's a prior thread that illustrates experiences and may hav some ideas. Also, maybe another good soul will do the research closer to the date.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Thanks. I have a running list going now. At least a half of them require a phone call so will take some time. I'll post it in a week or two when I have more info.

            1. re: biltritewave

              Anice Stellato is NOT expensive by the way, and we walked in at lunch time without a res (no0t that I would necessarily recommend taking this risk at this season), What is way expensive in Venice and Italy generally is the fresh whole fish (usually sold by the pound). It can be very good but it is possible to spend a lot of money for this unintentionally.

              da Lele is worth it mainly if you are already heading for Murano. the critique is that the hosts sometimes hold back on certain specialties and only serves them to regulars (locals) - so you can ask for something, be denied it and see it served to an adjoining table. Doesnt detract from the overall food quality and the otherwise pleasant atmosphere but may be an issue for some people who cant overlook the snub.

              We liked La Zucca (no fish, rich veg, cheese and meat specialties) but they were closed during our one Christmas visit to Venice many years ago so like the others, check.

          2. re: biltritewave

            Thanks, biltritewave; be sure to post your own judgements on your return from Venice In reply to jen kalb below, whose opinions are always valuable and useful, what is "expensive" and what is "inexpensive" differs person to person. (So let's have some other postings similar to "Sid's Short[er] list".) In my opinion, Venice is simply expensive, and the restaurants are either "expensive" and "more expensive".

            But what do I know? I'm just a country boy.

          3. I didnt think Antiche Carampane was particularly expensive when we visited. I would target it for lunch after a visit to the Rialto market, and sit outside. I wouldnt miss it

            1. The recent posts remind me that I've not yet reported our experiences in Venezia last Spring. But I can say now that we too didn't find Antiche Carampane particularly expensive. Lunch for two, including a bottle of wine and probably an aperitivo to start, was $125 (at last June's exchange rates). And well worth it.

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              1. re: chowtraveler

                Any new information since November (I did see PBSF's)?

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Just to give some feedback as a partial thank you to everyone on this thread in summary fashion (full reviews are on John Talbott's Paris):
                  Best amuse: deep fried baby shrimp at Antiche Carapagne
                  Best dish: octopus at La Porta d'Acqua
                  Best fish: sole at Da Tura (Mestre)
                  Best rabbit ragu: Moro (Mestre)
                  Best green salad - the Fiachetteria Toscana
                  Best pizza - Columbus (Mestre)
                  Best name for an Italian resto: Soul Kitchen (mestre)

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    Read your write up. Thank you for sharing your experience. Not surprising that you had an excellent green salad at FT. Venice gets some of the best arugula and mache. You have been visiting Venice way back if you remember Antiche Carampane was a run down bacaro. Although our apartment is a 5 minute walk from La Porte d'Acqua, we have not been there in years. Wasn't memorable then but will give it a try next week.

                    1. re: PBSF

                      I don't want blow it out of proportion.
                      Photos are going up day by day since crappy wifi in hotel prevented me from doing it til I got home to my Paris Freebox.