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Mar 23, 2014 10:46 AM

Fish Tacos With A Spicy Avocado Cream Sauce

What happens to a lot of the fish caught everyday in this country? They are deep fried in a batter that hides the delicious and distinct flavor of each fish species. I for one am pretty tired of the deep fried fish and chips that are the popular form of cooking delicious, white, flaky fish.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I love deep fried fish as much as the next guy. However, sometimes you want to taste the true flavor of the fish on your dish. This fish taco recipe has some simple seasonings that are designed to accent the delicious flavor of the fish used. Go light on the seasoning and you will be surprised how delicious your Bluegill, Bass, Perch or salt water fish tastes.

The spicy avocado sauce is delicious on this dish and gives it that fresh summer flavor, even if you are eating this dish in the late winter or early spring.

If you are limited to freshwater ponds and lakes, this is a great recipe for your early spring Bluegill, Bass and Perch. If you live by the ocean, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of Halibut, Sole and Flounder this time of year.

This very short video is a great instruction tool for preparing this recipe.


1 pound fish fillets, bluegill perch, flounder, bass, halibut and sole work well
Shredded Cabbage
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
3 Tbsp Mayonnaise
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 cup milk
1 bunch cilantro
i jalapeno
1 Avocado
Flour or corn tortillas
1/2 red onion
Old Bay seasoning
Garlic Powder

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  1. Nice recipe. Would work for the local Florida fish we I see.

    I rarely make or order fried fish. Not that I don't like it but it doesn't let the fish shine and does add some extra calories

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    1. Nice recipe.
      But I think you overstate how much fish is fried vs prepared in other ways.

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      1. re: magiesmom

        Thank you. Fried is good but sometimes you just don't want to mask the flavor with the batter and oil.

      2. Are you on the West coast? I am on the West coast and can't imagine deep frying halibut. I don't remember seeing anything labeled bluegill or perch recently, but I seem to remember them from my childhood back east.

        It would be great to know how to identify fish at my Nor Cal Asian markets that would work in this recipe.

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        1. re: Shrinkrap

          We in SoCal would like to see you guys call it NoCal, as abbreviations are not meant to produce paranoia. We call North Hollywood, NoHo, not NorHo.. and without a space, and don't understand why this abbreviation raises problems in Northern California. We don't call it SouCal.
          Using NoCal keeps CA tight.

          1. re: VenusCafe

            Interesting. I was born and raised in North Hollywood, and we called it North Hollywood.

        2. Tried these last night. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried the fish tacos from the chows test kitchen? Here is the recipe if not...