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Affordable Lobster in Toronto

I want to take my daughter for a very affordable lobster roll or dinner in Toronto. Any suggestions?
Preferably under $15 per person.
Thanks everyone.

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  1. The obvious choice is chinese or a place like rock lobster :http://rocklobsterfood.com/images/Roc...

    1. In midtown, but a bit higher than your price range. Place doubles as a catering place and is very rustic (only a few tables)


      1. Thanks Frogsteak and kellybobo. I have until next Sunday to make a decision. Both choices look great. Much obliged.

        1. otherwise the cheapest option is to grab them live from a supermarket and do them at home. always great fun.

          1. the only choice is rocklobster. where else can you get lobster rolls in toronto?

            1. Rock Lobster (both locations) is so overrated. For novelty and trendiness, Rock Lobster is everyone's go-to (eg. Lobster Caesar).

              I love the lobster platter at Diana's Seafood - fits your budget and many other great seafood option on the menu.

              Rodney's also does a much superior Lobster Roll for around $10. Their chowder is to die for too.

              1. Buster's Sea Cove at St. Lawrence Market does a lobster roll. All their stuff is fresh and very good. I don't know if they are open on Sunday though.

                I would skip Rodney's. It's tasty and tiny (for the amount you pay).

                Rock Lobster is fun and has a pretty decent lobster roll.

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                  Rodney's is tiny and $10 at lunch

                2. Under $15?
                  You get what you pay for; and some times you don't!

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                    that's what i was thinking. one of the only ways to get great lobster for around $15 is to head to diana's at birchmount and lawrence. live nova scotia lobsters are either $11.99 a pound or $13.99 a pound (depending on size). buy the best butter you can, don a couple of bibs, and set a big pot of water boiling. you'll thank me later.

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                      Thanks. Not sure that is what I want to do with the kiddies but it might be just the thing I want to do with the kiddies. :)