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Mar 23, 2014 10:07 AM

1 day/night: food/drink crawl DT…where would you go? gas town? robson?

Hi all,

my husband and I will be in vancouver for one day/night only in early june (Thursday).We would like to try to incorporate as much of the food scene as we can in a short period of time, by doing a little crawl where we usually split an app/entree and have a drink (craft cocktails, interesting beers or wines) at each establishment (sitting at the bar). Typically we're able to hit about 4 or 5 places depending how early we start. We are mid-thirties, staying on Richards street, a block from the waterfront metro. We will not have a car. We are very adventurous and will eat/drink anything!

Based upon what i've read, i'm thinking perhaps gas town? places that keep coming up are (Meat & bread, L'Abattoir, The Diamond, Wildebeest, The alibi). On the other hand, I see a lot popping up for Robson particularly the izakayas (Hapa, Guu).

So if you had one night to drink/eat your way through…where would you go? and what would be that one "must try"?

For lunch, i'd love XLB. I think richmond is too far to travel, any great places close by where we are?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Definitely Gastown would be the best. High concentration of restaurants and bars all within walking distance of each other. Alibi Room is a must for beer.

    1. If you're really into Asian foods, then such a crawl up/down Robson would allow you to hit the izakayas and the ramen places, plus a yakitori on Denman @ Haro (Zakkushi). There's a Dinesty at Lower Robson that does very good XLB's

      Also many Korean restos. Sura is quite good, my favorite in that area:

      And no shortage of other Korean options:

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        Totally forgot about Dinesty on Robson. Good to know there's decent Chinese eats downtown.

      2. To get the best of both worlds you could always make a res at an Izakya and do the Gastown thing after. Hapa coal harbor is walking distance to Gastown.
        Your Gastown list looks good. Places can get busy but do make it to L'Abbitoir for food and drink. You'll probably be alright on a Thursday. The Diamond is a nice space and can be fun, but I wouldn't bother with the food. Alibi room would be your furthest walk, but after a few drinks it's not all that far - and you're more likely to find something else on your travels.
        Btw - Revel Room usually stays open latest.
        Have fun !

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          You could stop by the Guu on Water Street if you're focusing on Gastown This is the only Guu I haven't been to in town, but I much prefer the Guus to the Hapas, FWIW.

          Meat and Bread is a bit of a walk from Gastown and only open till 5 pm. Consider pairing a porchetta sando from there with a coffee afterward at Revolver across the street for your lunch (just go early to avoid a large line).

          1. re: grayelf

            Guu Otokomae (Gastown location) is the fun-est one of them all :-)

            1. re: grayelf

              Good call - guu gastown totally slipped my mind

          2. Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar in Coal Harbor is close enough to walk to also.


            1. You're gonna have a heckuva lot to cram into one night! :P