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Mar 23, 2014 09:55 AM

Lunch in Portland in late May

Any suggestions for a weekday. We liked DuckFat but were wondering about other possibilities. Cost and type of food are wide open.

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  1. The easiest recommendation is to go across the street from Duckfat and eat at Eventide. The freshest oysters, an amazing fried oyster bun, a wonderful (albeit small and unique) lobster roll, etc. Lots of hype but I think it well deserved.

      1. re: ElizabethReed

        Many of the top end places are not open for lunch but staying in the Old Port area I'll add the Salt Exchange, Miyake (best sushi in town plus other offerings), J's Oyster which will give you a real good local vibe and some pretty good food except, ironically, their oysters. East Ender next door to Duckfat has some elevated pub food. Boone's on the water has excellent oysters and other dishes can run from just OK to exceptional. Infiniti on Commercial has upped their food game to go along with a real good bar. These should give you some reasonable options to work with.

        1. re: bobbert

          I'd agree with Bobbert--Eventide would be my first choice, too, then Miyake, Infiniti or the Salt Exchange. If you wanted to venture out of the Old Port tourist district, Pai Men Miyake is a great choice--

        2. re: ElizabethReed

          J's Oyster has a great scallop dish and good lobster roll. Oysters not so good.

          1. re: ElizabethReed

            For a great combination of wonderful flavor and value, I think it's hard to beat Pai Men Miyake on Longfellow Sq.

            1. re: mainemal

              If one wants to venture out of the Old Port Pai Men is definitely among my top picks. Their pork buns are probably my favorite small dish in town.

          2. Zapoteca serves lunch, too. We had dinner there last weekend and I really enjoyed it. :)

              1. Visiting from boston, we've been to east ender twice now and really were attracted to the coziness (downstairs), friendly service and excellent food. These talented guys enjoy what they do, and you can tell that right away.