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Mar 23, 2014 09:30 AM

Preparing chicken breasts in advance?

Trying to get more meal prep done ahead of time (with two young kids the hour or so leading up to dinner is always hectic). Have a fairly good handle on many make ahead meals but am wondering how boneless chicken-breasts fare when prepared (but not baked) ahead of time--things along the lines of stuffed breasts, parmesan crusted etc. Would these be okay from taste (and food safety) if prepared earlier in the day or even a few days ahead? Would love to everything done and then just pop in the oven. TIA!

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  1. Chicken does not have a long shelf life once you bring it back from the store. I do see so many frozen convenience chicken items in the grocery store and feel you could do the same at home. Prepare and freeze for later consumption.

    1. You have at least until the next day with a stuffed breast. Probably two. I wouldn't do it with a feta spinach type filing that might get watery. Done it many times. Love prepping ahead.

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        I agree it depends. I often with more moist ingredients I will prep ahead but store separately. For spinach stuffed chicken I'll saute the spinach with whatever else, cut slits in the chicken and store both separately just to assemble beforehand.

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          Recipe please for spinach stuffed chicken breasts?

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            It depends on what I have around and my mood but I usually start by sauteeing spinach with onions and garlic and finish with a splash of sherry or white wine. I let the mixture cool and then add other ingredients and cheese. My favorite variations include: sun dried tomatoes and Feta, artichokes, pesto, diced mushrooms, Italian sausage. I prefer the slit method rather than the roll method to stuff the chicken. I'll cut a slit, stuff, seal and bake. It's super simple, always delicious and you can stuff a good amount of spinach in a chicken breast. Also, if I have any leftover I just pile it on top after it's finished baking.

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          I agree with a day or two, it does turn quickly.

        3. There are a few markets around me that sell stuffed BSCB in their meat case. I'd say it would keep for a day or two

          You can pull BSCB out of their package and clean and prep them for further cooking. I like to take off any cartilage or narly bits before proceeding further. Takes just moments to split or slice them into quick cooking cutlets

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            Thanks, yes this is exactly the type of thing I had in mind! Had always wondered how long those were sitting around though.