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Mar 23, 2014 09:23 AM

Where can you buy Halloumi Cheese in South Texas?

I am living in the Galveston area of Texas and I am wondering where I could possibly buy Halloumi Cheese around here? I have looked at Walmart and Kroger to find nothing even similar. I have been going to Cyprus in Europe every year since I was born and know this is a Cypriot cheese so its possible it could be difficult to find here but also thought maybe it would be under a different name...?

I would like to have some to grill with tomatoes to go with my Greek dinner theme tonight.
Thanks in advance!


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  1. Phoenicia Specialty Foods - I just finished munching on a snack of some fried halloumi (Alambra brand) from there. They had a couple of varieties to choose from. I don't know if the smaller downtown Phoenicia would have it - I haven't been.

    Acacia Mart - 59S @ Gessner (buried in the center on the NE corner, not readily visible from the either the Fwy or Gessner). Largest Turkish grocery store in Houston. I've never bought it there but I'm sure they'd have it.

    There is a smaller Turkish market, Istanbul, on Hillcroft, s. of Bissonnett but their business has been hurt by Acacia and shelves are skimpily stocked. They'd probably have it but would be more likely to not have it in stock than Acacia or Phoenicia.

    Also possibly Spec's Liquor Whse Deli downtown would have it - I've never looked for it there so don't know for sure.

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      Correction: Acacia is at 59 and Wilcrest, not Gessner.