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Mar 23, 2014 09:09 AM

Cake flour (NOT "cake & pastry" flour) in the GTA!

Back when my wife and I lived in the U.S. (Boston) we used King Arthur unbleached cake flour for cakes ( and King Arthur pastry flour for pies, croissants, etc. (

Note that these are NOT the same thing! The cake flour is a higher-protein blend than the pastry flour. The cake flour is milled from harder wheat, too.

In the GTA, we can only ever find so-called "cake and pastry" flour -- see attached photo, taken 2014-03-22 in a Loblaws. It produces worse results for cakes AND pastries (especially cakes).

Any thoughts? Anyone know of where you can get real cake flour? King Arthur brand would be awesome. I've also heard of Swan's Down cake flour, but can't find it anywhere (someone long ago on Chowhound recommended T&T but I can't find it in my Cherry St. T&T).

I know you can order King Arthur online but it's expensive to ship internationally, and for flour, you don't want to be stocking up on a two-year supply at one time in order to save on shipping!

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  1. I got Swans Down at my local Italian grocer, Masellis on the Danforth. I'll verify they still have it next time I go, but their stock stays fairly consistent. And the implication for me is that Italians have some need for this stuff so you might check at other similar places. Although they also carry Diamond Kosher salt when the big grocers weren't. Some unexpected products in there.

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      @julesrules Thanks! I'll check it out. That's super-convenient for us too -- we live at Monarch Park & Danforth.

    2. Arva Flourmilss has pastry flour, and free shipping if you order 40 kg.

      Grain Process Enterprises in Scarboro may have what you want. Their flours are available at the warehouse or Bulk Barn.

      1. My wife makes Angel Food cakes so light they need ballast. She uses her mom's recipe for making her own cake flour. Simply use all purpose flour, then substitute two tbs. of cornstarch for two tbs. of flour. Sift at least 5 times and you're good to go. She also makes her own vanilla from Cognac and Madagascar Vanilla beans.