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Mar 23, 2014 06:12 AM


Coming down for the day, to visit my daughter at St Joe's College. Would like a nice brunch spot in the city.

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  1. Here's a perfect spot and you can choose your location: Either avoid the traffic of driving to Center City and go to the Wynnewood location, which is very close to St. Joes, or do the Center City thing.

    1. What are you looking for in a nice brunch for this occasion? Sabrina's is very popular but also very casual and crowded, always a wait on the weekends, at least at the locations in the city.

      1. Before someone else says the obvious, Lacroix brunch, if it is a Sunday. But you need to reserved in advance, the longer the better (OpenTable).

        1. New to this board but someone also recommended Parc for brunch in another thread.

          When I lived here in the 90's the Four Seasons' Fountain restaurant never disappointed me. I see that they also offer a Sunday brunch in the Lounge w/a free ticket to the Barnes.

          The White Dog cafe has expanded to the Main Line.

          And one of my old favorites...LeBus in Manayunk.

          Maybe I got the wrong thing because I don't share the raves for Honey's Sit 'n Eat but a lot of people like it. It was on that Diners & Dives show.

          I'm sure you will get a lot of recommendations!

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            Good recommendations all. I am one of those who like Honey's (at least the one in Northern Liberties). I haven't been to the new new location. I had to smile when I read "it was on that Diners and Dives show". I don't like that show, and it always seems to be on!