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Mar 23, 2014 05:57 AM


Every time we visit August, I ask myself why we've stayed away so long. Returned last night with another couple. What a great dinner! The atmosphere is welcoming and one feels at home. But the food. Squisito!
My artichoke app was yummy. I had the same at a Montco restaurant recently. Let me say that August's version was a revelation. While I barely touched the former, last night I wiped my plate (and the app was entree size). Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, fava beans... Others had roasted beets with pistachios and a terrific dressing. Entrees were just as good. Farfalle with lots is crab meat for two of us, penne pasta with shrimp and favs beans in a spicy pink sauce for my husband, and veal Diane in brandy sauce for the other guy in our party. Finished with well-made cappuccinos and a shared cheesecake. Worth the drive to South Philly. Maryann is a terrific chef, and Maria is a lovely hostess.

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  1. Jan, I am so glad you wrote about August. We love this place. We don't get here as often as we mean to, but do get there every couple of months and are always greeted warmly.
    Some other favorites here are the scallops - terrific - and the tilapia presentation. Maryann experiments with new dishes in addition to her great regulars.
    Maria makes the desserts, and her pies are wonderful. When she has made the coconut custard (and I don't usually like coconut custard), I am in heaven. My husband loves her pumpkin pie.

    It's byob and cash only, with easy street parking.

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      I would love to try the dishes you mentioned. Especially the coconut custard. Thanks Sylvia.

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        I boycott cash only places. It isn't that expensive to take cards...just add a little more to the cost of each dish. I'm in business that takes is worth it. Customers deserve the convenience of cards.

        No CCs = no business from expense big business dinners.

        1. re: sal_acid

          I can't imagine this as a big business dinner place. That's part of its charm IMHO.

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            Peter Luger has been in business for 127 years and doesn't accept credit cards. I know it's Brooklyn, but their customers seem to be able to deal with using cash. It might be inconvenient and sometimes frustrating to remember to bring cash to an establishment, but I wouldn't boycott any place just because they choose not to accept credit cards.

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              That is not exactly true. Luger has its own credit card, and given that Luger is for the most part an expense account place, lots of people use it. Colleagues of mine in Pharma were instructed to get one so they could take clients there.


              1. re: cwdonald

                Mea culpa. But, technically, this is a charge card and not a credit card. Payment in full is due every month/statement cycle.

        2. Thanks for the excellent review.

          1. It's funny, I just drove by there this weekend and said "We really need to go back there!"