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Mar 23, 2014 04:03 AM

star anise? KLP

I have a wonderful recipe that I'd like to use at the seder. It calls for star anise, which is not anise. Anyone know if I can buy it in the whole spice form and use for Pesach?

thanks for saving me slaving over the various lists/

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  1. If you go to any Asian Grocer, they should carry star anise. It's also wonderful to throw into stews.

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      thanks tokyoite, its because I know how great it is that I want to know if I can use it on Pesach.

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        I found this link which uses star anise. Hopefully it may be helpful?

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          Thank you for the link, useful in many ways. Since they are careful enough to label things like dark chocolate, this recipe will allow me to use it in the lamb stew I'm planning for the second seder. THANK YOU

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            You're using an article to poskin the Halacha? Obviously everyone can do whatever they want, but this article looks to be one of those articles that appears this time every year in mass market newspapers about Passover. And the woman it's about doesn't appear to be claiming to be observant in any major way.

            While I've never heard anything about star anise for Passover, I know that cardamom is on many lists of impermissible things for Ashkenazim, and since that is listed in a recipe there, I'd certainly be wary if you are trying to be strict in any way.

    2. 1) There are some rabbinic authorities who put regular anise in the category of kitniyot. If that is a concern for you, you might want to contact the kashrut authority relevant to you as well as any guests who might hold differently if it is for a main dish.

      2)It's sold as a whole spice, so some kashrut authorities would find it acceptable when simply marked kosher by a reliable kashrut agency.

      In short, talk to the relevant kashrut experts (familial or rabbinical) to find out whether it would be an issue in general and then about whether the whole spice would be fine on its own.

      If you need to find it under specifically KLP supervision, you may be out of luck. Pereg does not have it listed under their products and I can't imagine any of the heimishe brands carrying star anise at any time. If you or a friend is in a heavily Sephardi area, you may be able to get it from a smaller brand. That's how I got my excellent KLP curry powder.

      1. Apparently there's a problem with anise according to this

        Ah so now I've just realized that star anise comes from a tree, unlike regular anise. So that issue of being mixed in wheat fields ) won't come into play.

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          I discovered that
          First, star anise and aniseed (or anise) are not related botanically. Well, they are, but only very far back in the gene pool; both are in the magnolia class. Star anise (which is, confusingly, sometimes called star aniseed) is the fruit of Illicium verum, native to China. Aniseed (or anise) is the fruit of Pimpinella anisum, native to the eastern Mediterranean.

          Second, star anise and aniseed both contain anethole, a chemical compound that accounts for their licorice flavor, but star anise has a stronger and more pungent taste.

          Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm comfortable with using the star anise. I am probably not as halakhic as many of you, I make a certain effort otherwise why change all the dishes etc., but when it comes to the more nitty gritty stuff I let it be.

          1. re: timbrel2

            Thank you for starting the thread, it was a fascinating read :) Have fun with your recipes!

        2. CRC "Whole Star anise with no additives is acceptable for Pesach. Although it has a similar taste to anise, it is not at all related to true anise and is not a Pesach concern. "

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            Thanks, I like it when the authorities take a practical stance. Appreciate the helpful community. Believe me, try star anise in any stew and you will see what it can do. Year round I make a chicken garlic soy stew with the star anise and it is VERY special. In has never failed to wow. Came from Mark Bittman and is a riff on chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.