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Mar 22, 2014 09:28 PM

ISO Pesadich Caterer/ Takeout in NY Area

I'm looking for a Takeout/ or Cater for Seder. Open to recs anywhere in the NY area -- going to be in Westchester, but happy to pick up food in the city, Teaneck, Monsey.... I called a couple of restaurants that aren't going to be doing Pesach, and am hoping I can get a jump on the research here.

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  1. I usually do Park East Kosher. They have a Passover menu (see PDF link on left hand sidebar of the site).

    They deliver to Westchester too... that's how I intend to get the food.

    1. Prime Grill also provides Pesach catering - had it last year and it is excellent.

        1. Try Seasons in Scarsdale. I use them in Lawrence and the food is delicious.