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Mar 22, 2014 09:18 PM

Bellingham: Soy House update

Oh, no! What's happening to my beloved Soy House?! I was afraid that opening the new downtown location would negatively affect Bakerview--and it did. The past few times we've checked, they weren't offering pizza at Bakerview, so tonight we went to the new DT resto and ordered what used to be our favorite pizza in Bellingham. It was very sub par, as compared to what we were used to at Bakerview. The whole experience was a bummer. DT has none of the charm of Bakerview. No friendly greeting by the owners when we walk in, just the usual college wait staff and sterile resto environment.

Please tell me that we were just there on an off night! I was a huge Soy House fan and recommended them (and their pizza) all the time. What I experienced tonight, I would never recommend to anyone. I want the old Bakerview back the way it used to be. Whaaaaa!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    We were at the DT SH for lunch back in October:

    It was alright but the ambiance was chaotic, room was loud and servers, while friendly, were over-stretched and seemed stressed. Granted it was a cold rainy day and the place was busy. But the atmosphere didn't make me want to stay longer than I needed to even if there were no people waiting in line for our table. We didn't order pizza because the waitress said it'd take 15-20 mins (!) so we ordered three bowls of pho. Ironically they took close to 15 mins to arrive. The pho was ok but of course as you know with my reference point being Vancouver, it was not comparable in quality nor price.

    I've seen good reviews of Pho Ly and Pho 99. Are they worthy alternatives ?

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      We like pho at both Pho Ly and Pho 99 -- the broth has a nice depth at both places. Pho 99 is near Western and can be jammed at times, but has better non-pho items (such as noodle bowls or rice plate combos) than Pho Ly.

    2. Oh, I completely agree!!!!
      I am stomping my feet and tantruming as I write this!

      No more pizza at Bakerview :(
      The new place is loud and crowded, just another " trendy" restaurant environment in any little city.
      It took much longer to get our food.
      The spring rolls at the new place lacked rolling skill and flavor...where's the Thai basil?
      The pizza at the new place was "okay" but .....shrunk!
      The family seems MIA at both places :(


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        1. re: LotusRapper

          I understand the desire to expand a small business. But this is one reason I don't seek out " trendy" restaurants in small towns and small cities. I prefer to seek out specific excellent dishes in unexpected local places. Win win.

          Once a restaurant becomes popular/trendy/cool....they seem to lose the qualities that defined them in the first place.

          If I want trendy, I eat in Seattle...because I don't have to live there! Lol.

          1. re: sedimental

            One exception would be Bob's Burger & Brew. I don't recall if the one off R539 in Lynden is their original location (the first one I've ever been to, back around 1994), but all the others I've been to all seem about the same in mojo.

            Same goes for The Red Robin. We had a ton of 'em here in the past 25+ years and they were all consistent. But since the '90s, new local (to us) chains like Earl's, Cactus Club, Milestones all ate into (sorry for the pun) Red Robin's market. Now we only have 6 (from about a dozen or so at theire heyday).

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Heading to Vancouver with my daughter for a few days during spring break! Been so long since we crossed the border for some fun. Any recommendations on anything? Places to stay (last time we stayed at the Sylvia), things to do, and, of course, where to eat!! We'll be looking for sushi and seafood! And, as always, we're on a budget, being the relatively poor folks that we are. We're going to try to just take the train up and use mass trans to get around in the city. Hubby will probably meet us for dinner our last day and we'll drive home (if that makes a difference on recs accessible to mass trans).

              1. re: laurachow

                Laura - PM me (see my contact info in my profile). I'll follow up with reccs, info, etc.

      1. Well, harrumph. Sorry to hear that my experience is not uncommon. Hope they can get it together and the family gets back on track. My vote, let the downtown venue fend for itself, but be loyal to the Bakerview location where loyal customers built the business to be a success in the first place. Come back to us, Soy House family!!