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Mar 22, 2014 08:30 PM

Visiting Portland, dinner at Pok Pok

Have wanted to eat here for a long time, finally managed to hit it when the line wasn't 2 hours long. Loved the famous chicken wings, and the spice level of all of the dishes we ordered (spicier than what you can get most places in the U.S.), but the standout was the special of Fiddleheads with Oyster/Fish Sauces, Garlic and Chiles. I love fiddleheads, and these were fresher and crispier than any I've had before. The Asian spices suited them very well.

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  1. Yes! Thanks for the specials report. The fiddlehead ferns have just come into season, and I saw them yesterday at Portland Farmers Market.
    I've never had to wait at Pok Pok,

    1. Thanks for reporting!