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Italian restaurant in a month

Hey y'all. Minnesota hound here looking for some help.

Wifey and I will be in town at the end of April for the Half Marathon. Looking for some quality places for dinner Friday and Saturday night. Looking for a place where wifey can "carb up" before the race and I can enjoy as well. (thai or italian would be ideal I think).

We will be staying in foggy bottom so we would like not to venture out too far and not spend a ton.

thanks for your help.

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  1. Can you define not spend a ton? Having a price range will really help. My first thought is Bertuccis.


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      probably under $40-50 per head. neither of us drink so it would be for all food

    2. Il Canale is in Georgetown, but it's a nice walk.

      1. Hmmm...drawing a blank on good Italian at that location.

        if you like Japanese, I'm a big fan of Kanpai in Rosslyn, which is one metro spot away from you (in Arlington). Kanpai flies under the radar of many people since is just off of Wilson.

        Actually, Kaz Sushi Bistro is at Foggy Bottom (but more expensive than Kanpai).

        Jason, www.dcfud.com

        1. There isn't a ton of Italian restaurants within walking distance of Foggy Bottom. The closest I can think of is Il Canale in Georgetown. They have great pizza but also some delicious pasta items (I like their pasta with clams).

          Filomena is also in Georgetown and would be great for carbing up because the portions are huge and filling. Also fits in your price range.

          Both of these places would be more than a 10 minute walk though but also a short cab ride.

          1. has anyone hear been to siroc? someone at work recommended it highly?

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              Siroc is seriously good. Handmade pastas, fish, very good desserts.

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                Yes. Siroc is quite good...although it's been awhile since I've been there. Although I do remember it being very loud on a weekend night.

              2. Filomena's in Georgetown.

                1. thanks all for the recommendations. actually reservations for a month out were tough to get a month out at a decent time.

                  We have reservations at Siroc and founding farmers

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                    You can do a lot better than Founding Farmers. What draws you to that restaurant?

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                      I was thinking the same thing. You can do better.

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                          Anyone in this thread with a frying pan can do better.

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                            for clarity, we are going to founding fathers for brunch. we heard it was good for brunch but most of the issues were dinner.

                            Is this not true?

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                              I've enjoyed brunch and lunch there. I recall the chicken and waffles and the green burger both being good.

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                                thanks for all the feedback. we made reservations at Il Canale for our 2nd night dinner. We will still be trying to brunch at Founding Farmers (mainly because I love chicken and waffles)

                                i'll let you know how it is.

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                                  It's fine enough for brunch....but in general you can always do better. It's certainly the best meal they serve. I went there for a business breakfast a month ago and thought it was pretty good.

                        2. I second Filomena's in Georgetown. Good huge portions, not particularly expensive. You need reservations.

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                            I strongly dislike Filomena, unless all you are interested in is carbo-loading. Huge portions of gummy pasta.

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                                Awwww, you know how I feel about that place. Ok for reduced priced raw oysters, but I'll let the throngs of tourists fight it out for the rest of it.

                          2. Just wanted to say thanks for asking the question - we're flying down from Toronto for the half too :)